Customizable Toolbar (ex "Option to get rid of the miniature effect icon in the toolbar")

Sorry for that one, I only transmitted the idea, the thing that works is command-z on Mac - this is what I verified.

One more thing: The Miniature Effect tool is part of ViewPoint. I use VP mainly for the 4 line tool, which I greatly prefer over the other perspective correction tools of PL - and an occasional Volume correction.

I don’t know what’s meant with the former posts. Ctrl-Z works on windows. Just going backwards step by step through the, not visible, edit list.
I don’t know about Mac.
Never the less I don’t think the toolbar is meant for linking to the individual tools of ViewPoint. It’s becoming to busy and detailed. But one can get used to it :grinning:


Sorry, I must correct myself. It doesn’t work, Ctrl-Z. The screen flashes suggesting it was updated but it isn’t. Ctrl-Z doesn’t work with any ViewPoint.
Start with a new file, the reset tab is greyed. Start an edit, reset tab is high lighted, Ctrl-Z and the reset tab is greyed. But not with any of the ViewPoint tools.


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…another strange behavior…

Sorry, another correction. Using perspective tool means 1) activating the tool, 2) correcting the lines and 3) finishing with enter. Three times Ctrl-Z and you are through it. :astonished:


I agree with the idea of having a customizable toolbar, plus having all the “tools” in such a toolbar, not just some on the top menu and the rest on the toolbar. Also, when choosing the “crop” tool, and then cropping a photo, to have the option on the top menu to “Save,” or to “Save As” (rename and save the photo to avoid overwriting the image).

I would also like the following option, at least on the top menu (separate from the toolbar):

a. A simple way to resize the image by pixel, and so on, and then to “Save For Web”, just as easily as done with CS5 or CS6. I understand that it cannot be exactly like PS, but as it is now in Photo Lab, this proves is just too cumbersome.

b. Instead of all the “exporting/importing” images back and forth, why not just “Save”, and “Save As”?

Hello Ramon,

you have already a “Save”. All your edits are automatically and the moment you do the edit saved into the database and also the sidecar - in case you work with sidecars. So a specific, manual save is not necessary, unless I missunderstand your question.


Because “Save” is not export. The export is a one way process into another file format.
“Save” would mean to alter the raw file, and this is not what a raw processor should do.

Perhaps I am just used to “Save,” and “Save As” as done on the Mac, or just PhotoShop and other applications. When I “save” in PS, I don’t alter the raw image, and if I “save as” under another name, I don’t alter the image displayed on the screen.

For example, lets say that I have edited and saved an image in PS, then I want to change this image’s size to perhaps 870 horizontal pixels, and then save as “Web ready”: When I do this and I close the window, PS will ask me if I want to save the image displayed on the screen. I choose not to save it, and close the window. This is a very simple process, but I will have to learn how to in Photo Lab.

In reference to the “tool menu,” having a, for the lack of proper words, “tool box” where I can drag/remove any of all the tool icons, would be very nice.

Photoshop is not a raw processor. It is a pixel editor. ACR is a completely separate Adobe application which passes raw edits to PS in a separate non-raw format which is why Photoshop can have a save and save as feature. With very few exceptions, raw processors do not have a save or save as feature because they don’t need one. However, like PhotoLab, they have an export feature to bake the raw edits into an output file for distribution or further editing in a separate software application. In raw editors the edits are automatically saved to sidecars and the database, and as a result no save or save as feature is necessary.

To have a save feature implies that a file is updatable. Photolab does not update any files directly except the database and sidecar files, which, as I indicated, is automatic. The only raw software I’m aware of that has a save option which updates raw files is Canon’s proprietary DPP software which stores edits directly in their own raw files.


Hi everyone

May I remind you of the reason of this post? It’s about customising the toolbar.

Please post your feature requests separately so that they get the visibility they deserve.

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Not many votes yet. I suppose that most of the folks here have large screens.

On smaller screens, a customizable toolbar could help us get the tools up there that we really need.

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As now we have more and more tools at the top bar

  • what about (some) drop down menu/s to ‘organize’?

I’ve never used the miniature toolbar button before. Now that I see how it behaves, I added my vote. :grimacing: