Toolbar Icons: Switch Tools On - AND OFF

I propose that the toolbar icons be changed in order to make them activate AND DEACTIVATE the respective tools.

This would save the mouse trip from upper to lower edges when we only want to briefly check what the tool has done, e.g. check the crop, location of horizon line etc.

Addendum: The toolbar is above the large preview area, where we can activate crop, horizon etc. tools.

Ah, sorry, understood !
I deleted my post so it will not confuse anybody.

And yes you get my vote too.

Yes, totally agree with this proposal! Voted.

I have the same issue. I have learnt to press the Return key to quickly exit the tool I am in, but there are many times I’d like to simply click the tool to review the changes it made and then click away from it again (as mentioned by Platypus in the first post).

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Are there ON/OFF buttons on the tool palettes ?
What are the differences with your proposal ?

For example, using the ‘Local Adjustments’ button the check the position of the control points in an image.

Click on ‘Local Adjustments’
View the Control Points you have created

Now, currently to leave the Local Adjustments UI, one needs to either move the mouse to the opposite edge of the displayed image (top of image to the bottom) to click on the ‘Close’ button, or move a hand on the keyboard and press the "Return’ key.

The proposal is that the User would be able to simply click the ‘Local Adjustments’ button again to close the UI.

I have to admit, when I first started using PL 18months ago that is exactly what I did to try and close the UI.

Ok I understand, it’s a specificity of Mac, there isn’t this bar at the bottom of the image in win version.

The toolbar is located above the preview, as shown in the screenshot a few posts above.

This is what happens in win version, we don’t have this toolbar at the bottom

Above the image… look here

If I may just add - after asking about it for a long time, hitting the Esc key still accepts changes instead of reverting them.

There are two buttons for Close and Reset, why not use the two natural and expected shortcuts?

I had been wondering

as clicking on those top bar tools (shortcuts)
already activates & deactivates them

and a very different handling (bug??) w/ the Miniature effect

as in the moment one activates it’s top bar shortcut
the (preset) effect is applied

Miniature tool

The < ESC > standard handling to close a tool w/o reverting to the Original state
in this case leads to confusion → as Reset simply resets any changes to the applied Preset state.

( … I don’t feel any necessity to populate the top bar with a shortcut to this Miniature effect )

highlighting differences – not to distract from the proposal

Neither do I…and it would be quite nice if we were allowed to populate the toolbar ourselves. Here’s the respective feature request:

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Miniature …

… even going back in the history (same session) to where I started from doesn’t revervt the applied Miniature Preset – wether unintented or a bug, it’s just annoying (bad UX).

@platypus – so yes, best to get rid of the shortcut.