Crop tool limit to (rotated) picture area

There should be a switch to limit the crop edges to the area of a tilted / rotated image.

With rotated images, you currently can extend the crop area beyond the image border and then you get a black triangle shaped area.

Although this might be desirable under certain circumstances, I guess most people don’t want to see the black triangles.

Automatic crop does not cover all needs: I often want to have a smaller crop area than the maximum area, or to move the maximized crop area off the center.


P.S.: This request has already been posted 2017-05 in the old forum,13387.msg69021.html

I guess I’m misunderstanding the nature of your problem. Doesn’t the crop “auto based on key stoning” option cover it? In what way doesn’t it cover all needs?

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I think the detail, what is all about is, that he wants a drag drop operation for the crop rectangle to be limited to the rotated image bounds, so that it is not possible to drag a crop bounding corner outside of the image content. This way the user can adjust as he wishes and be ensured that no empty parts appear in the result image unintentionally.

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As I wrote: I often want to have a smaller crop area than the maximum area (see the image posted by Asser), or to move the maximized crop area off the center (where it is placed by auto crop).


Is this what you mean? … In which case, this is demonstrably possible already.

If not, then I am misunderstanding your requirement … In which case, could you please elaborate.

Regards, John M

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Hello again, Oliver - - I’m taking a “second bite” at this !

I was making a rotation + crop adjustment myself, just a minute ago - when I noticed something that may be causing you to think that your requirement is not already possible …

To make the crop adjustment (as you describe), you first need to click on the Crop tool … and you can do so even before you close the Horizon or Perspective tool (whichever it was that you were using to cause the image to rotate) … then the cropping adjustment you describe, and that I demonstrate above, is easily obtainable.

Does this do it for you ?

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That would be fine as an optional setting - But I, for one, would not like to see this as standard functionality … 'cos, occasionally, I find I can get away with a sliver of “empty content” beyond the true edge of the image - as this can be handy when I’m juggling between degree of image rotation versus retaining key elements of the image.

Did you read my original posting? I wrote: “There should be a switch”. “Switch” exactly means “option”.

Regarding your other posting: I’m not exactly sure what you want to tell us, but try for example to push the crop area exactly to the lower and right boundary to feel the annoyance.


Yes I did (and that’s why I am attempting to help you with your problem) - - In this specific case, tho, I was responding to @Asser

Do you mean like this?

Or, perhaps, like this ?

Yes, it is an option. I would let this option be turned on in 98% of all cases.

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yes (the first of the two samples). How do you manage to hit exactly the image border?

… with precaution :slight_smile:
I agree because I have the same problem.
The worst is that function exist on with WP standalone.

I have no more votes :cri:

I do this regularly - and without any problem at all (which is probably why I’ve had difficulty in understanding your point).

I’m using Windows version of PL - - with mouse properties as shown.DxO_MouseProps - perhaps that makes the difference ?

Now that I understand your issue, I support the proposal as succinctly described, above, by @Asser


even if you have a very precise positioning, you need to view both edges with 100% zoom, and although I have a 3440x1440 monitor, both edges usually don’t fit the screen, so I have to pan back and forth to get both corners exactly at the image border.

Try the same task in Photoshop: There is the requested switch / option, and you simply push the crop area to the image limit even with 25% zoom quickly.


No, truly & honestly, I do this all the time, and repeatedly with the accuracy you can see in my example above (as shown at fit-on-screen zoom level).

All the same - I agree that this would be a handy option to include in the PL crop tool.

Thanks for agreeing on the necessity / usefulness.

It is simply not possible to hit the border reliably with single pixel precision if you don’t work with 100% zoom. Therefore (unless you have a 40" 4k screen and/or very small crops) you either let some safety margin or you get black triangles sometimes.


I just want to push this issue again.

It’s really boring that we need to take extreme care to not crop outside of the image area. Since PL already knows the limits (and is able to display them!), it should really as well take care of them. Of course this needs to be configurable (on/off).

This does not only apply to rotated images, but to perspective corrections as well.

I consider this as a missing core function, which IMHO should have significantly higher priority than (i.e.) DAM…


Thanks, Tilman.

Just recently I was working on a set of aerial images where the weather was turbulent so I had to adjust a lot of them, and often I needed also to push the crop area to the left or the right and It was no fun.

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I want to expand this feature request by expanding the copy/repair tool to the black areas how I have described here: Question to the copy-repair-tool


Since this issue is (over-) due for four years now, but there still is absolutely no response from DxO, it should obviously be pushed up again…

It’s a shame that this issue (probably not too hard to fix) is simply ignored for such a long time.


I agree it’s amazing some of these really simple improvements are still not implemented.

It’s very simple. Add a check box called “constrain to picture limits” and make it checked by default for new images. I can see very few practical cases (but more than zero) where I would want a crop that included the black sliver where there was no picture previously.

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