Converting to ICC colour profile

When converting to colour profile (e.g printer’s) during export, what settings are used for:

  • rendering intention
  • black point compensation


Let me address your question to the dedicated team. @wolf could you, please, reply?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Dear rwerp,

During image export, we use perceptual rendering intent and no black point compensation.

As a side note, in the Print dialog, under Windows, you can choose the color intent.

Br, Wolf


Thanks! If I change the settings in the Print dialog, will they be applied to image export as well?
If not, do you have plans to add the option to change the rendering intent and black point compensation status to the image export?

Best regards,

Changing the settings in the Print dialog has no impact on export. We currently have no plans to provide these options for export, probably there was not much demand in the past. But don’t hesitate to make a feature request :slight_smile:

Br, Wolf


Thanks, will do.