Color temperature and Tint

I have tried all thinkable ways of setting the Color temperature and Tint as I want it. Whatever I do, DxO change it when the file is loaded into PL6. Despite an unchecked White balance tick box.

Anyone know how to have PL6 to except what you want? And Presets are not good enough.

First load the file, then select the image(s) and change whatever you want to change.


I want DxO to leave the Color Temperature as I set it in the camera. That way I do not need to change anything.

Not possible. PL calculates it’s own color temperature.


Why not create your own preset with WB set as you wish and any other adjustments that you like and then set this preset as the RAW default?

So whatever I do to get my Color Temperature right, DxO will change it!

That is not particularly professional. I would say it is a bug.

Thank you Mark, but it is impractical as CT change depending on the shooting conditions

but have you tried @rrblint’s suggestion?

The problem is that the user interface is broken! The white balance actually works correctly, the user interface is just impossible to understand for any sane human being. I have complained about the same thing in another thread.

The problem is that by default, if you uncheck the white balance, it will use the white balance values from the picture of which you had created the preset but that behavior is not visible to the user, as the user interface might actually show other values. The solution is to never ever turn the white balance module off. If you have any preset that has the white balance module turned off by default, it will just use any white balance, the behavior is not clear to understand in my view. Just turn the box on, and set the white balance either to ‘as shot’ or to a fixed value. ‘As shot’ will read the values from your camera. If these values differ, that is normal, every raw program interpretes white balance a bit different, they will be different in Lightroom, Capture One and Photolab. But the colors should be correct.


The problem is that @LarsN is setting his WB in camera per shot, which means each image can be different.

@LarsN, because the temperature in a RAW files can be changed after the fact, I tend to shoot everything at 5600*K and then set to suit in PL

Does seem strange though that the “As Shot” is not, well, as shot. If it were it would not matter how many different settings the op used. Or am I missing something? And if it is not as shot why does it say it is!

Thank you “maderafunk”, I will test. Sounds like it will work, and it DID.
You saved my day.

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When the WB tool is disengaged, the numbers it displays can be ignored. The tool is there to mostly set WB, not measure it.


Mmmm - not quite.

Yes, it’s a quirk of the UI - but, it’s actually working correctly.

With the RWB Setting = As Shot … you will get the White Balance settings as assigned to the image by your camera (tho, expressed in PL’s interpretation of those WB “numbers”.)

With the RWB tool deactivated … you will also get the White Balance settings from your camera … but, the displayed numbers may be quite different.

This is easy/simple to confirm; Just set your RWB Setting = As Shot - and then toggle the tool On/OFF … nothing will change.

Yes, that’s the simplest approach.

John M

When opening an image for the first time the WB is unchecked and the shown value is 5400. Selecting the WB does change the value but not the image. I still think the 5400 is an initial value used internal meaning no correction to be done. Checking and unchecking doesn’t change the WB temp anymore. I do remember an experiment of @Joanna shooting a graycard. The camera showed a histogram where the 3 channels covered each other more or less, but loaded in PL not.
I still plan to do that experiment myself.


Nope - That’s just the setting in the Preset that’s automatically applied to “new” images.

For example, here’s the setting in my personal/customised auto preset;

– where I have the RWB tool deactivated (that is, as per camera settings), with default Temp = 6000.

– whereas, the setting of Temp = 5400 (Daylight) is in the DxO Standard preset.

John M

More on this from DxO:

No. The 6000K in your case is used but the 5400 is shown. Only in the first time. Changing the presets doesn’t change the 5400. I’m talking about the first time the image is opened.

That’s what I call a initial value. It’s not baked in a preset but in the program. PL is showing the 5400K but using another temp when the tool is not checked. That’s basic wrong.


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from PL6 manual page 159
" Die Einstellung Original ist standardmäßig ausgewählt und entspricht dem Weißabgleich der Kamera bei der Aufnahme."

“The Original setting is selected by default and corresponds to the white balance of the camera when the picture was taken.”

And I remember that we talked about during the EA5 phase, and one member of the DXO staff brings some input, with which we were all satisfied.

Sometimes I really believe in dejavu’s when you read along :smiley:
best regards and a nice week to all

That I know and isn’t the problem.
WB is always done, even if the WB isn’t checked. In fact, checking the WB means more or less that the original WB can be overwritten. When changing the color temp, the WB is automatically checked.
What’s wrong is that the initial value of 5400 is shown while another value is used and that that is only corrected by checking the WB.