Camera-specific initial preset

Rather than all images initially getting the same preset (Standard or whatever), I’d like the ability to have a different default preset automatically selected for my Canon 60d vs my Sony RX100VII images. This would be selected from the camera metadata in the image, with a default preset if no specific ones are found.

Before going further I’ve to say the PL doesn’t show what preset was/is used. I think that problem has to be solved first.
I think the main differences between camera’s is in the WB. The color rendering is dealing with that.



@gvl , DxO Standard should apply a camera model specific rendering…but I suppose that you’d prefer something like Lightroom, which can be set set to apply a specific preset depending on camera model or camera serial number.

This Lr feature allows to set to apply preset “X” to a specific camera model “A”, and a different preset Y to camera “B” (with serial #12345678), even if “B” is the same model as camera “A”. Serial-dependent presets would also allow to e.g. automatically apply custom profiles (as part of a preset) that were made for individual cameras.

If I remember correctly, such “preset-switching” has been mentioned/discussed/proposed already…but I’m just too lazy to search for the respective post(s) :innocent:

Yes, I’m one of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, @George, it’s not only for WB, I have 2 presets with many cursors at different values depending of the 2 camera specificities.

Only in the same session when I remember.


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Just curious, which one? Where do the camera’s differ in?


I have one Sony RX100M5 with fixed zoom and one Z7 with various lenses.
The lenses do not have the same quality and some needs more corrections.
These « auto » presets would be based on combo camera-lenses to personalize optical correction, micro-contrast, rendering, volume deformation,… which could be adapted especially to the lens specificities. I know that specific module do that already but I like to complete them by adding or diminishing some values.

I do that already with my presets, but it would be easier to have them automatically chosen by detecting the associated camera-lens module.

The corrections you mention are lens related.
I’m a little bit septic about auto stuff. In your example the used isso can be an item too, among many other things.


you can right away simply select ALL raws from Canon 60d in DxO PL and apply one preset and then select ALL raws from Sony RX100VII in DxO PL and apply second preset … granted that does not excuse deficiencies in PL but it is not that critical feature missing and you are not doing this one by one for each raw …

Yes, this is a convenience rather than a critically missing feature.

I don’t see anyone suggesting that it is a critically missing feature but it’s an understandable feature request. One of the few things I miss from a former use of Rawtherapee (before Photolab had Fuji Xtrans support), was being able to create equipment specific presets. You could also create presets for different ISO ranges. These seemingly simple ideas implemented to assist photographer’s workflows.

I really like this feature request, but it already exists and may be voted for here:

Sorry, I missed those when I searched before posting.