An option to apply different presets for different types of RAW files automatically on import

At the moment you can set in Preferences>Correction Settings one profile to be automatically applied to all new RAW images. As I use ORF and DNG, I’d love it if PL could apply specified presets depending on the type of RAW on new import.


Don’t forget to vote for it yourself.


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This is similar to a request to apply different presets for different cameras. A combination of both would be very useful.

I have voted :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t question the validity of the request.
However, what differences do you make, at the opening, between the native raw and its DNG version?

I suspect he means that the DNGs may come from a different camera than his native raw files. Some cameras output DNG files.



Correct. 2 different devices, the Mavic raw files are dng and the EM1 is orf. Significantly different presets and I see a major benefit in automating workflow and eliminating mistakes.