Bug: PhotoLab shows the clipping overlay RGB values instead of the ones from the image

This is one of several long standing issues with details that could (and should) be corrected…
Since Svetlana has mentioned a “new viewer” more than two years ago: when might that be released finally?


Good morning!

Well, as the strategy was to provide the users with the new features, the integration of the new viewer was postponed. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,
thanks for your answer.

However, to me exactly that “strategy” appears as a big problem. Focusing only on new features obviously is a very safe method to simply forget/ignore all those long standing issues - even if they have been promised to be fixed.

While I, personally, am not interested at all in new features like DAM or keyword editing (they are completely useless for me), I really miss fixes and corrections to other issues that are long overdue.

(Of course I really like other new features like DeepPRIME, for example. I’m just complaining about the apparently complete loss of working on older issues.)

Just two other examples from the list:

As a long term user of DxO (OP+PL), I must confess I am somewhat frustrated about this.



Hello Svetlana,

now it’s four more weeks - and there still was no official statement on the mentioned long-standing issues. Thanks for your “like”, however that alone won’t change or correct anything in the software…

Now that the current EA period is reaching its end and PL5 will be anounced soon, I’m pretty sure these issues won’t be addressed (again). That makes yet another year of waiting for these (sorry) stupid bugfixes.

I simply don’t understand that attitude.



Are there any updates on this issue? Now PL5 has been released for some time, and the problem still exists.