Local adjustment: Automatic mask tool: display of effective mask

When using the auto mask tool, the effective mask is the resulting mask after automatic edge-detection.

It would be useful to display the effective mask. Think of the auto mask as a “control area” rather than a “control point”. To display the effective mask, use the same shortcut key as for displaying the effective mask for control points (M key in Windows).

Possibly, cycling the effect of the M key :

  • Hide mask
  • Display mask as drawn (highlighted using cyan color shade as currently done)
  • Display effective mask (grayscale)

Hello, Pierre,

I know what you talking about.
And if you use invert Automask is even more a gamble because the autoselectionarea inverts also.A cleanbutton would be nice, which deletes the automask area which isn’t selected as actual mask.

There is a good workaround until this is provided.
Use desaturation to the max to have gray and detail in the active mask area. Or over under expose to light up or make active mask dark to see the selection.
Works as a charme and you can paint wile seeing the part turn grey and use ALT to have the erasor popping up if the wrong part is turning grey.

Hello Peter

Thanks for your suggestion for the clean automask. It makes sense. Or implement the conversion from auto mask to painted mask, which could nicely be inverted.

In the workaround, shifting color using the color tab of the equalizer would also work.

This is a very long standing issue…

See also (for example):

I am eagerly awaiting the PL update that finally fixes this.