Shortcut to observe the actual auto-mask?

Is there a way to visualize the actual mask layer when auto-masking? I just see the big colored area that I brushed but I don’t see the actual mask that resulted from the edge detection…


Temporarily bring up the LA’s exposure slider to see what’s covered by the Auto mask, paint over the remaining dark spots and use the Eraser (press + hold ALT) to clean up.

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but unfortunately “auto mask” is broken by design. Right after it was introduced with PL 1.0, I explained its problems and suggested a solution/fix - which was promised shortly after, but never has been implemented. That’s four years ago now…

You might get some impressions here:
Local Adjustments in new Photolab 1.2
Artifacts using clearview plus on local adjustments - #16 by Tilmann
Local adjustment: Automatic mask tool: display of effective mask

Still, auto mask is the only local adjustment for which you can’t see or correct what finally gets picked, it’s complete usage is inconsistent to all other local adjustments.

The mentioned workaround with extreme exposure settings is slow and inefficient, however at the time being, it’s the only way to at least get some impression what’s picked.

Since DxO never reacted at all (regarding this and some other long-standing issues) for years now, one might fear there will never be a fix. :sob:

A long asked feature, a autoclean function.
Til that i use two functions
Saturation to full desaturate and exposure max or minus depening on the background color.

There is mask key, which shows effected area, hold down something (i never use that because i need hold down mouse, and space bar for hand moving around, alt for erazor so desaturate and exposure helps to ease the work.)

Remember first click on a color does select the automasking data, every time again.
By using more feathering in the erazor you can soften de border of the selection to blend the selection more in the image.

But yes we asked for a “cut off nonselected masking blue” hotkey.
There is one fun trick, use invert button to see the selection more freely and clear.