Black and White Conversion - Color Filters

How do you create a black and white picture with color filters in Photolab 3? I can turn on the black and white mode, but when i do any color adjustments, for example on the red tones in the curves, the image becomes colorful again, which is not what I would expect. Is there no way to for example use a yellow, orange, blue filter etc.?

I think you need Filmpack installed for this and then the panel you want will appear in DPL.

Thanks, I figured it out now. I can use the HSL panel and turn down the saturation for the white color (thats all colors). Then afterwards I can modify the curves. I would expect the toning panel to behave the same, but that’s ok like that.

As of today, the HSL tool seems to be a good choice for b/w filtering.

Alternatively, there is also the channel mixer tool, which is available in DPL Elite. I find it to be much less powerful than the one in Lightroom.

There is also the filter tool and again, it produces results that don’t correspond to what I’d get if I, say, applied a red filter to a b/w landscape image.

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Yes, that’s the way to go. Instead of the curves you can also use the other color chips in the HSL tool.

The reason is that the HSL tool acts very late in the rendering chain while the color rendering tool is one of the first, so color modifications won’t work afterwards, like if a real B&W film was used.

You need FP Elite for that. Even FP Basic (which I have) doesn’t offer the channel mixed for B&W.

Free nikcollections silverefex?
When i want a real black and white i convert at the end to tiff 16bit and go to NIK.
(i do have FP Elite)

HSL is great for colored object in black&white and recolor things a other color but because it’s clobal over the image you have be carefule not to miscolor other parts.
By using a mask around your object you can use the whitebalance,temperature and the other, sliders in the menu to correct that.

When they put a colorpicker and a masking tool inside the HSL tool it’s pure GOLD!

Back to b&w, i think Mark did a preset library for FP (elite?) black and white renderings. This way you can preview the effect of the film emulation better. It’s free for you to download and load in your preset gallery.

Yes, they were for FilmPack 5 Elite. There are a total of 82 presets in four folders. One of the folders is specifically for DXO FilmPack - Black & White Films. You must have the FilmPack 5 plugin installed in your version of Photolab to use them. Here is the link to my original post containing the download zip files.