PhotoLab presets for FilmPack 5 film types are now available!

I had mentioned a few months ago that I would create PhotoLab presets for the various film types in FilmPack 5. Several PhotoLab users have expressed and interest in FilmPack presets. The attached zip files contains 4 folders, indicated below, containing those presets.

Feel free to use and share with others. If the DXO staff finds these presets useful I give them permission to use them for any purpose except for sale as a separate plug-in. Of course, using these presets will only work if the FilmPack 5 plug-in is installed. They should work the same in both the Windows and Mac version. Please let me know if there are any issues with them

Preset folders in zip file"
DXO FilmPack - Black & White Film
DXO FilmPack - Color Negative Film
DXO FilmPack - Color Positive Film
DXO FilmPack - Cross Processed Film

DXO PhotoLab - FilmPack (34.8 KB)



Thanks Mark. Where should the presets go? And wherever they go should the files be copied from the folder or copy the entire folder to the appropriate place. Thanks again.

First unzip the zip file to a location on your hard drive. You will see 4 folders with each containing the presets related to the folder name.

Next go into PhotoLab and expand the Preset Editor. I only have PhotoLab Elite so I hope the Preset Editor is also available in the Essential Version as well for those that use that version.

Next in the expanded Preset Editor click on the first icon, “new preset folder”. Rename it to a name similar to one of the four folders you’ve unzippped. Create 3 more preset folders and also rename them with similar names to the unzipped folders.

Next, select one of the preset folders you just created. Click on the “import” icon in the Preset Editor (2nd icon from the right) . Navigate to the unzipped folder with the similar name to the preset folder you just selected and select all the presets in that folder before clicking on the OK button. On a Windows machine you can do that by holding down the shift key as you select the presets. Click OK and all the selected presets will be copied to that folder.

Finally, follow the previous step for the other three folders. I hope the instructions are clear enough. If you know where the presets are located you can just copy and paste them there directly, but most people are not comfortable working under the covers and I don’t want anyone to screw up



Very clear clear instructions Mark . Thanks.

Copy and paste is quicker for those comfortable with going under the hood.

I checked out a bunch of your presets and will play further later today. Very nice job Mark.

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Thank you. They are all partial presets. The only thing they should change is the film type. However, when you are doing a very repetitive task like creating all these presets there is the potential for error. Although I tested everything, if you notice any of these presets changing anything other than the film type please let me know.


I’ve played around for a while this morning. I like going through presets and them wham! a creative idea pops up. Then I’ll make alterations as needed. One photo I’d written off until I applied one of your filters, made a few changes and now I’ll end up printing it.

To this point I’ve not had any problems with the presets. I’ll certainly keep you postedif I do. The only issue I had was a non-response from PL2. It may be coincidence, it may be the additional presets added or it my be one of those things happen. I simply closed own PL2 (Elite by the way) and had no further problems. If the non-response from PL were to continue what I’ll do is uninstall your presets and see what happens. Frankly, I wouldn’t anticipate any issues.

I’ve thanked before and I’ll thank you now once again for sharing your work. My hunch is you will get very positive feedback. No doubt I’ll be following the thread in the forum.

Thanks Mark,
Tomorrow i check it out.
See what you cooked.:smiley:

Very good job Mark

May I suggest a easier way to install these presets ?

Unzip and just drop the content like sub-folders in the preset DPL folder.
There’s nothing more to do :wink:


Windowd Presets: %LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 2\Presets
Mac OS Presets: ~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v2/Presets


Yes, I suggested that earlier in this thread, although I purposely did not indicate the destination folders. Many people here may be less knowledgeable computer users and don’t have any experience exploring and modifying system folders.

While dragging these preset folders to their final location is certainly the easiest and quickest solution, it is also potentially error prone for an inexperienced user. It would be easy, as an example, for them to accidentally drag the appdata or other system folder to a different location with just a slip of the mouse.

The potential for user error for those with the least ability to understand and fix the problem is too great, in my opinion, to suggest it to the average computer user. But obviously for those who are comfortable doing this, it is certainly the best way to go



Hi Mike - - Just for my clarification;

What have you achieved via these presets that could not be achieved simply by “walking down” each of the rendering options (for, say, Category = Color positive films) from within the Color Rendering tool ?

Am I not understanding something ?

Regards, John M

@John-M If I understood correctly… use the button “Apply preset” on the top right of the screen.
Here you will get a preview of all the available presets… now including Filmpack !

@mwsilvers Thank you, great idea.

Hi John,

They were created because for some of us presets are more convenient.

Some people don’t want to have to “walk” down 4 different lists, totaling 82 film types, to select the one they want every time they use FilmPack. Also, just because I created presets for every film type does not mean they all have to be installed.

Some of us may have several favorite film types that are used regularly, and installing just those presets would be a lot more convenient then searching through long lists to find them. That is what I do. Even though I created 82 presets I only have around 20 or so of my favorite ones installed in 4 different folders. I doubt anyone uses all 82 film types regularly, any more than actual film shooters would use 82 different films formulations. I think most people find a few favorites and stick with them. In that scenario, presets have a definite advantage over the lists.


OK - Understood - - Thanks, Mark.


PS. Apologies for the “Mike” :roll_eyes:

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No apology necessary. Although I did notice it, I didn’t mention it since it was so trivial, and I did not want to cause you any embarrassment.



Mark - thanks for posting these. Love expanding the “views” and ideas that I get when I use the “Presets” dropdown!

  • Thanx
  • Jon

Hi mark,
i finaly got the time to import the work of you.
Did a quick browse and good work.
small question:
is the partial only activating the filmpack film type or did you adjusted some things?



They should only be affecting the film type. If you see anything different please let me know which film type preset is adding additional edits and I will review and fix.



Mark, ‘You beauty’ as the Aussies would say. I have been using Filmpack in DxO photolabs and frustrated that I could not see a preview of what it looks like without applying it…I have even reverted to using the Filmpack standalone app before today, which obviously makes workflow long and laborious. I have added your presets and all is good in the world. Thank you very much.



You are quite welcome. I hope they add value to your workflow. Keep in mind that they are all partial presets. They will only change the film type and have no effect on other settings. Please let me know if you find any errors.


Excellent work Mark

I’ve just picked up FilmPack and was thinking about how to view different film type previews as you can running it standalone. This ticks the box, well done. Reawakening this post may alert some other Black Friday purchasers !