Anyone else experiencing Internal error when using Local Adjustments?

Wondering if anyone is getting this error when zooming or panning while making local adjustments? I’ve experienced it on rev. 7.3.x and now 7.4. I don’t recall getting the error on earlier revisions, but I’ve tried using the LA tools more often recently.

A ticket has been submitted for DxO to study. Just wondering if others are experiencing this issue also and when.


Yes many of us are
Please report it to support.

Looks like same/similar issue. I also submitted a ticket with screen shot, log file, etc.
Sorry I didn’t find your post in a search.

Perhaps there is a way to move this to your thread?

Thank you!

Sorry it has to be done by a moderator and DXO largly ignore the fourm now.

Actually, the creator of the thread can edit and move it by clicking on the pencil in the first post…

Thanks never knew that