Adding Blacklevel to the ClearView correction

I have sometimes images shot through water surface and every time i have such a image i have to go back to SP7pro:
quote from manual: “Black level controls create clarity of the dark areas.
You can specify the level of black with this function. When increasing this parameter, the color black becomes deeper black.” (sort of manual dehaze function build in)
You think it’s the same as DXOPL’s “Blacks” but no: Blacks sets the Blackpoint.

This is the default by my preset. hazy.
So solution would be clearview plus and some contrast/black level.
See before after here
Exported a tiff with some minor clearview:

looks like this.

Then i loaded it into my SP7pro: touched only blacklevel:
See before and after here

final result:

As i said, i do have a workaround but if the time passes i think i would be happy if i can avoid extra exports by having such a extra parameter inside there " clearview plus" because as you can see Clearview plus works with “microcontrast” to enhance which effects sharpness wile the blacklevel slider is more a “pull towards blacklevel zero.” much less sharpening involved.

Ideal situation would be: pullback glare/haze by raising blacklevel and enhance microcontrast and thus “dehaze and sharpen” by the Clearview plus slider.

Why not just start adjusting the tone curve in DPL?
For example:


Thanks, i am not used to use tonecurve.(it’s a powerfull tool) i did a a quick copy of your adjustment exported it and put a side by side 100%

Looks the same. (you never be to old to learn)
So DxO has the processing algorithm to pull this of, so if they create a slider which pulls down the tonecurve line like your example “blacklevel” -slider is born :innocent:

(i sugested some time ago that all tone and contrast control sliders are showing inside the tonecurvetool as a curved dotted line there influence so you can predict better the change when you alter the tone curve.)

Thanks again for the new solution, this will spare me a tiff file. :slight_smile:

I often adjust images with the tone curve instead of the exposure and contrast sliders. Specially when the exposure is way off or contrast is very low.

I also use the gamma setting of the tc to brighten or darken without getting halos that I often get using smart lighting.


I did a quick search on google for DxOPL’s tone curve tool tutorial but only one.
Probably all tonecurve tools are working the same so LR’s version would help too.
That would be a good start if there is a webinair/video about mastering tonecurve toolset.

I will try to remember this.

i came to a point that i use always the boxes in Smart Lighting to start adjusting exposure balance and then exposurecompensation. to lift. (i almost never push S.L. above 50. Your way sounds easier or more precise.
(maybe they need to move this thread to tutorial section)

Here’s an example of a picture taken with a polarising filter that usually caused an underexposure in the camera I had at that moment and a fairly hefty correction using the tonecurve. Note that I don’t bother with S-curves in such cases…



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