A technical section of the usermanual

Hi, this is probably for @Benoit a interesting post.

over this forum is alot of post made by DxO Staff to clarify things about how things inside, under the hood, are working. i copy past this often because those things “sink” deep in the forums pretty fast and finding them again can be a pain in the a…
DNG uitleg dxoplv4.docx (16,2 KB)
volgorde van dxo development.docx (86,9 KB)
(lots more but i can’t remember how much is from EA part of the forum so i don’t put it here without consent.)
some links:

What i am pitching is a part of the manual which goes deeper in the software the how it works, the how it interact between tools, (which things are leading) where things happen in the row of development.
How you can correct things properly. (what does Smartlighting behind the boxes you place)
What happens when you do 50% of clearviewplus which thresholds are there in “sharpening” does pushing up clearview interact with the initial lenscorrection module’s sharpening?

I know some things can’t be revealed but having some technical data to read when we want something to know which things we need to address to (keep in mind) if we working on or with a segment of development then a guideline and information section about this is a necessitate.

So my proposal is would it not be good if all this information is rendered in a “Technical usermanual”
Al your post’s explaining how things work and how we should working with a tool the combinations the limitations, the chain of developement.
If this is available then we have more grasp on things and point asking people to those chapters instead of remembering (x%) what you told us earlier and trying to replicate this answer to help the asker.
This Technical User Manual can be a appendix on the normal userguide and only visible inside the webconnections of the application. (like links from the tool directly to the chapter of interest.)

i know i talked about this often and maybe it’s just how i like it to be as user who want to know how the engine works of the car i drive. i don’t know. But what i do know is understanding the how things happen is enlarging the knowledge to use the given tools at a higher and better level. getting more out of the given toolset.

(and the forum doesn’t be filled with back and forward opinions and assummed how it works posts.
which are great for refreshing memory and enlarging understanding of things we use but it’s a repeated action.) :crazy_face:

So make a place where those information is cleaned and stripped from back and forward posted in tutuorials (not be post under it or react on directly so We users can’t clutter this thread :wink: ) but by DxO staff editted to be adding new information.

So i thought we make a vote out of this:
Do we need or want it?
how much integrated in the normal userguide?