Write keywords to XMP

I am a Windows user and could not test the keyword feature. As far as I understood PL3 will be able to add keywords, but will keep them in the database only and not write it into a XMP file. This locks you in into PL and precludes working with your keywords in other programms / DAMs. I think PL definitely needs an option to write keywords into XMP files.

definitely a vote from me.

Yep. I hate software that unnecessarily locks you in.

Can understand it for tools etc being necessary (.dop) but keywords? - .text files for god’s sake.

Gets my vote

Why not write keywords into the EXIF? Then they are stored in the image file itself. I have written my own DAM that does just that.

PhotoLab reads XMP tag keywords and not IPTC.
Unless I am mistaken, Keywords in EXIF are IPTC !?


I do agree with @Joanna.
I’m also adding all file informations such as keywords, description, title, author,… directly into the raw files without any trouble since years.

@Pieloe, perhaps Keywords in Exif are IPTC but in the Mac version they are visible, editable in DPL, but the raw file is not updated with deleted or added keywords.
I think that Keywords are part of IPTC, but when it is stated that DPL does not read IPTC it means that it don’t read some specific IPTC format. And I guess that Keywords in raw exif are a kind of “free text” which is then usable by DPL.


At the moment I use Exif Editor to manage keywords, whilst continuing to develop my own DAM, which also contains a hierarchical browser similar to that found in Apple’s Photos app. For those who understand macOS development, I have written a Swift wrapper around the excellent ExifTool library, which makes writing EXIF management a breeze when writing such a DAM.

Indeed I use IPTC keywords because they are more visible than XMP; macOS doesn’t find XMP keywords with a Spotlight search, whereas it does find IPTC.

So, my “keywords workflow” is :

  1. select files in PhotoLab
  2. Export to Application - without treatment - to Exif Editor
  3. edit keywords and save

For finding files matching keywords, all I do is use Apple’s Spotlight search and Open With… - PhotoLab

I know it’s not integrated but it’s relatively simple and it works.

BTW, I can’t get PL3 to show either IPTC or XMP keywords in the EXIF editor panel. In fact, there is no text field visible :thinking:

Have you checked that you have the Keyword palette visible somewhere?
Personally I’ve added it within Exif palette.

@Pathal Oops! missed that :blush:

So now I have the Keywords text field and they are added to the search capability in the “Library” browser.

My only worry is that, because they are only added to the database, not the file itself, should the database corrupt (which is not unknown) all keywords will go the same way as Projects do - up in a puff of smoke.

I can understand that using the database means faster searching but, at least it should be updated from the files when the folder is read in, just like .dop files are


If DxO will build a full DAM i hope it’s a third tab function called “DAM” which not slowdown culling by using the thumbnail inside the rawfile and not a fully optical corrected preview.
Only when you actual double click on file load the rawfile for 100% examination.
Speedup scrolling and viewing.
A modification of a tagged rawfile inside DxO and to be able to export this inside the xmp-file and or inside the exifpropertisch of the rawfile would be good option but building a fully loaded DAM function can be excausting there peopleresourches to much i am afraid.

My fear of a DAM inside DxOPL is compatibility problems with other older DAM’s and forced on your way of use.

The now availability of reading and indexing thus searching is great IF you have the rawfiles by intake indext and tagged somehow. I don’t because my amount of images per month isn’t that big that i need to. I use a simple DAM of Pse 13 on my exported jpegs and video’s and use a date , eventname system for my rawfiles.

I downloaded and installed a xmp creator to see if i would use this for database build up but i gues i am to lazy :yum:
Plus i find the xmp files per rawfile distracting in the folders and for my purpose some keywords inside exif of the rawfile is enough.
Xmp is much more widely compatible then exif data doh.
So both has it’s plusses and cons.

That is essentially what my DAM does. When I select an image in it I can tap the spacebar to show a QuickLook preview, which then allows me to click on the “Open with…” button to activate it in DxO.

Future plans include the ability to “Export to…” from DxO, to allow the addition of processed “previews” back into the DAM; so the browser shows the embedded jpgs and selecting an image shows the exported “rendered” version(s)

Se my other thread for screenshots of work so far.

Which program are you using for that?
Is it a simple editor for multiple files at ones?

great work about building your own. i am not able to i think, nor have the patience to learn it.

It’s not just a matter of patience; it’s also nearly 30 years of experience in programming :nerd_face:


Has my vote. Please make it an option in menu e.g. Metadata > Write metadata to xmp files, Metadata > Write metadata to files e.g. DNG so it is always under user control in order to mitigate risks and mistakes.


I’ve used Nikon View NX2 and Aperture until they are not supported on Mac OS.

Now I’m evaluating Photo Supreme but not yet completely satisfied.
I’am also evaluating XnView but still need some test with the help of tuto from @Pieloe.

Pathal, I am using Photo Supreme. Very powerful tool. I am happy with it


That’s the one i installed and it can create xmp files and write in exif/iptc.
i did looked at it and frankly aborted it due priority vs time
maybe i have to pick up again reading it’s manual.
i did setup the keywords i use in my end product pse13 but that create a xmp-file and eh i like to easy exif/itpc writing those keywords
and maybe event words as extra.
anoying thing is the ? doesn’t work in XnViewMP and i am not interested in all the other functions aldoh i found a usermanual But plane and simple i like to add in rawfiles simple keywords nothing more. then i can index and search if i like in DxOPL
i can create xmp doh so it’s second best

i can edit in exif/itcp in Silkypix but not the raw files only by export to jpeg./tiff no use of that.

if i use the exif write function (ctrl-i) in xnviewmp it creates a filename.rw2_original of the same size as the rw2 file so no use.
only way to get a steady database is adding xmp-files. to your folders of rawfiles.

Hi Peter
It’s not the good use but it’s not the good place to speak about that here :frowning:

Are you really creating a vote for this ?

Nobody is actually USING Photolab to post-process their pictures ? Oh, well me neither since I am writing too. Bummer.

As I said on another topic, dealing with metadata is something complex and it will take time. How many proofs from DxO do you need to see that they are moving slowly and carefully on that huge DAM project ?

I am sure DxO do not want to lock anyone in.
But I am like you: I know nothing about what DxO do or do not do. It just do not make sense to keep keywords in a database.

I am using Exiftool and Neofinder to deal with both keywords and DAM. Many other tools exists to be used until DxO get that far.