Why Pay 2 time for Nic Collector

Hello. 3 year ago I pay for Affinity Photo and got Nic Collector for free. Why you asking for new payment?

Google bought Nik company long time ago. They picked software from them and offered the Nik collection for free unsupported and didn’t care about updating or bug fixing it for the whole time.

So DxO bought it.
Updated it. Bug fixed it. Offers support for it.
And this for a small price.

The free unpatched legacy google release is still available but the modern updated DxO version is sold commercially.


Hi Kalle,

If you don’t want the advantage of the DxO version of the Nik Collection - with bug-fixes, support, etc - then the old, free version is available here.

Regards, John M

John-M thanks for helping Old Nic Colection work fine but Plugin ar to old, Can I download the old plugin.

That’s an example of why you’d be better off with the latest DxO version (of the Nik Collection)


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Yes, but too expensive 149 euro

I’m not sure what updates, bug fixes and support you can get as for me nothing has change from the days of google. Still looks the same with the same persistent bugs and the support didn’t help me at all.
So if you are happy with the existing Nik version don’t update.

Yes, but still why DxO ask for money.

I guess the only reason is because they can. Google killed really good software product and so far DxO doesn’t do anything to change it rather then charging for it.

OK I buy your Nic Collections, but you need to tell me how I got everything inside my appfolder as Nic collections and plugins. I run on Affinity Photo version 1.7.3 on my iMac from 2017 Catalina 10.15.2

You clearly aren’t happy with the Nik Collection’s evolution so far, but nothing you just wrote is true. To see what DxO has changed since acquiring the software from Google, simply read the Release notes. Bugs and incompatibilities have been addressed and some new filters have been added. I expect more is planned, but we have to wait for DxO to say what.

Google didn’t kill it, the software had been sold for a high price by its original developer (it’s a suite of products after all) and then abandoned. Google took over and simply offered it for free without any support or further development.

DxO is now developing and supporting it, having had to first learn how it was coded and compiled. Why should they do all that for free?

I don’t know why a Google version is reporting itself as an expired trial, but agree that upgrading is probably the right solution.


Try this guide to installing Affinity Plugins on Mac

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I guess you’ve just solved a persistent issue for many users. We just have to force our computers to read the Release notes and realise that everything is peachy. If you get your head out of the clouds and google “Nik crashes” no need to insert Photoshop. Google already knows what you mean. And before you start shouting “but there is work around” I will point out that with the work around some of the capabilities of Nik are lost and also I’m not supposed to do any work around for something I’ve payed. The issue appeared just after google took over. And the only reason for google to buy Nik was Snapseed. They had never intended to continue developing Nik. That’s what I meant by “killing it”

One more thing if by any miracle DxO decides to fix the issue it will be because of all user who express that “clearly aren’t happy with the Nik Collection’s evolution so far” At the moment I’ve got the feeling DxO are waiting on the issue to get fix by it self or Adobe to do something about it.

I know there are unresolved bugs. DxO should fix them, provided they have the data they need from customers. But your negativity is extreme and unfair.