Upgrade policy?

Hello DxO,

Before I decide if I purchase Nik Collection 2, I’ld like to ask about upgrade policy in this?

Do I need to purchase in full, or is there an upgrade price? Or perhaps even a free upgrade since I bought Nik 1 just shy of a year before (21/9/18) ?

kind regards, Frank

There is an upgrade price if you own Nik 2018 (version 1). It shows up in the Store at dxo.com. ($20 US discount) Way too much time has elapsed for you to get a free upgrade, though I think DxO decides those matters case-by-case. If you can, I suggest waiting until November-December, as a new release seems likely, and just buy it then - probably on sale.

Thank you Greg,

I hadn’t looked in my account yet, but there’s indeed a discount on it (I have Nik 1). I may hold of until november, but I’m not sure a new version is coming then.

I am eagerly awaiting the end of october update to Photolab, since it should then support my camera (Lumix G90). That takes precedence, I really miss being able to edit my raw’s in Photolab.

regards, Frank

Black Friday is also coming

I won’t be upgrading. I purchased last year the nik collection to support dxo taking over even though I had the collection that I purchased from nik years ago. It has never given me problems but I wanted to support dxo. Now they came out with nik 2 to include new presets and dxo photo lab basic. I have elite so why would I pay for basic too? Also, the new presets are not worth the upgrade price. We will see if they can improve on the nik collection software itself before I will consider investing anymore money into their upgrades. Adding new presets is only fluff, I am more interested in the functionality of the collection.


I just received an e-mail offering Nik 2 without PhotoLab bundled in - on sale this month - for the same price that the whole bundle was (and still is) being offered for. I’m puzzled - and no less happy to stick with Nik 2018 (DxO Nik 1) until a more significant update comes along. Looking forward to the end of November. :grin:

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DxO is based on the principle of a annual major release.
For “Nik by DxO”, that was in june.
So I don’t expect anything in november.

Even if that’s true in principle, I have seen nothing to show that, in practice, there is a firm 12-month cycle and that what happens one year dictates what happens the next. That said, what seems likely to me before the end of the year is another major release of PhotoLab (which might impact Nik 2 as it is sold with PhotoLab 2) and at least one big sale. (Black Friday?) Of course, that’s all a guess. It might be that the bundling of Nik 2 and PL2 will affect the overall release cycle for PL. Who really knows?

I believe you are right, Nik 2 wasn’t released that long ago, I don’t expect a new release of it again anytime soon.

I’ve been told by support there will be an update end of october when PL will also support my Lumix G90. They’ve not hinted in any way if it would be a major release, but following this here now, it might even be. Perhaps a 2.5 version, or even a 3.0. Can hardly wait! At the moment I can’t use my G90’s raw files in DxO. But I will wait, DxO is just too good to sidestep.

I only upgrade if it is fully functional with Affinity Photo. If not, I would be wasting my money.

Hi Lee Grant,
I also have the old version before DXO. I purchased Viveza and Color EF Pro, and paifd over $200 for both some years back, but I only used it for a trail period time and then was not doing much photo edits. Now I am back at editing, and I tried to activate it, and it cannot as the site is not available. How did you manage to activate the collection? I emailed DXO my purchase receipt as I had the hard copy.

I too cant justify buying, specially when I already have, as I just want to activate the one I have. Upgrading is another issue. I asked support and they dont upgrade from pre 2018. And so far, no way for me to enable and activate mine to use. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately no.
Nik’s changed software publisher twice.

It’s possible the free pre-DXO version, which Google owned, is still available for download somewhere. Perhaps others here can help you with that. Google had stopped support of Nik and was giving it away for free for quite some time. before they sold it to DXO.


@Raffisys, the best solution for you is to get the last free edition of the Nik Collection here: