Why not a special edition of Nik Collections for dxo photoLab users?

I use dxo photoLab with Film Pack and Viewpoint. After the raw development I edit some of my photos in Nik Collections (Google Version). However, I only use

  • Colour Effex, - as it contains many effects that do not exist in dxo photoLab or are not easy to reproduce
  • Silver Effex - as the B/W conversions are more appealing than those in the film pack
  • HDR-Effex - as this function is not available in dxo photoLab

I do not use the other modules because the functions are already (almost completely) included in dxo photoLab:

  • Perspective Effex - duplicates Viewpoint
  • Dfine - in my opinion the result is much worse than PRIME
  • Sharpening - in my opinion, Len Sharpening in dxo photoLab is superior (but output sharpening is missing in the dxo photoLab export module)
  • Viveza - the colour treatment in dxo photoLab is more finely controllable since version 3 (but so far only globally applicable) than in Viveza

Wirh other words: Much of the NIK Collections is double/superfluous for users of dxo phoLab.

Therefore, I would consider it a good, customer-binding measure if dxo were to offer a special version of the NIK Collections for dxo photolab users at a reduced price, which only includes Color Effex, Silver Effex, and HDX-Efex.


They should offer an integrated Nik collection directly accessed in Photolab without requirement to generate Tif files, at a reduced cost if one already had a licence for Nik


But Nik tools are primarily pixel editors, whereas PL is a raw processor. As they stand, you would need to produce a bitmap image somehow, unless DxO did an awful lot of work.

That is how it works behind the scenes, after RAW convertion. Lens geometric correction, tone and color processing, perspective correction and repair are example of tools enacted after RAW conversion.

This is what we do not know today.
And since PhotoLab is a platform and not just a Raw converter anymore… one day… we could see this dream come true, or not :upside_down_face:
Wait and see…


That has been exactly my conclusion too, Gerd … John M

I agree with you.
I have spent a lot of money to buy DXO software and I do have a lot of duplicate SW like e.g.

  • DXO PL V2 when I already have PL 3 Elite version
  • Perspective when I already have ViewPoint
    If it is impossible to do for technical reasons, I would suggest that DXO from a commercial viewpoint could take this into consideration and change the pricing structure for people already possessing a license for DXO PL Elite or STANDARD versions who don’t need to have the duplicate DXO launch platform (aka as currently PL V2).

The problem I see with this particular example is that DxO added PL2 Essential and more recently Perspective Efex, and as the argument goes they should now lower the price. If they had raised the price significantly, I could agree. But for what the Nik Collection provides, and with frequent discounts, the expense doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Especially when you can still get the free version from DxO.

Thanks for your reply.
However I do not really understand your answer and I do not buy the argument that we get sw for free. Nothing is for free and in my case it’s just staying unused in my account on the DXO website and I’m asked to update something that I never use.
My point was the following:
When somebody has already bought the Viewpoint and PL V3 Elite software licenses why do this person need the launch platform (PL V2) and the Perspective software when this functionality is already provided by the already acquired software licenses. I do insist on the fact that DXO (the company) should have a different pricing structure.
DXO would then not need to have frequent discounts and could perhaps increase their revenue while keeping current customers happy. This could be a Win-Win. Please have your marketeers and sales experienced people have a look at my arguments.
Thank you and Best regards,


I agree with RogerT (nice rhyme :grinning:) as we discussed it in April Which software to buy

best regards

I do agree with RogerT. The strange price policy from DXO is criticized in some reviews also. In this case we are paying for the same features 2X.

This is what I meant by the free version:

I’m just a customer - I don’t work for DxO.

That is what I do: I use the old google version. But I am willing to pay for a new version (4K support, errors corrected, support) - but only for the modules, I did not already buy. I am not willing to pay twice for them. That is the point that anoys the customers of dxo photolab, Viewpoint an Filmpack.

I now understand what you meant but unsupported software is not of interest to me so that argument falls completely.
My earlier arguments are now getting even stronger:
ASK DXO TO SEGMENT THEIR MARKET as e.g. like the following or any other way:
1 - Customers having no DXO software and wanting to buy
1.1 PL V3 Essential only
1.2 PL V3 Elite only
1.3 PL V3 Essential + NIK Collection
1.4 PL V3 Elite + NIK Collection
2 - NIK Collection to be used with Lightroom etc.
3 - NIK Collection only and want a Launch platform (e.g. a stripped down PL Essential)
4 - NIK Collection only that is launched directly (and don’t need a launch platform)

I’d make an exception for Dfine. DeepPrime does a great job but has its limits and, unless we are willing to pay the price in blur when chasing the last of the luminance noise, it will leave some noise at high ISO. Dfine has Control points and leaves almost imperceptible traces of blur when the remaining noise is low.
Here’s a terribly mundane example :
-starting with this RAW (Panasonic G9 at 6400 ISO):
-DeepPrime could get the job done that much.
Fine grain is noticeable, especially in the water.
Dfine, using a few, well positioned, control points:
Makes a difference, when required.

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