Which software to buy

Hopefully there is someone out there who can cancer this. I’m trying to figure out what package to buy. The website is a bit confusing. If I buy the NIK 2.5, does it include the Photolab 3.0 elite, or am I getting the essentials version? If I buy the Elite 3.0, it doesn’t reference getting the NIK suite. Thank you.

Nik 2.5 includes PhotoLab Essential 2.3. That’s hard to find out - but the info is here. Also deep in the release notes here.

You can always download the “Free trial” and then you would know for sure I guess.
Testing it first might be a good idea anyway.

If you have an earlier version of Nik installed, the free trial overwrites it. And if you already have a version of PhotoLab 2 installed, you have to be wary about that as well. So better to know ahead of time.

I would agree with Greg. Originally (recently) I bought Nik 2.5 and it came DXO Photolab 2.X. I tried Photolab and then upgraded to Photolab 3.0 Elite…later I decided that the functionality of FilmPack and ViewPoint would be useful so purchased these as well. I think I paid slightly over the odds doing it this way (over buying the photo suite and Nik separately), but I would say there are advantages to getting Nik and then paying for the upgrade to Photolab 3.0 (if you are not interested in Film Pack and ViewPoint).

For me as long time DXO User have also ask for the type of the bundle. I own DXO elite + Filmpack +Viewpoint but looking for Nik Collection i saw that I will get Nik + DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition.
The answer from support staff was “Daher haben wir beschlossen, DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition in die Nik Collection 2 by DxO aufzunehmen. Die Suite besteht nun also nicht mehr nur aus 7 Plug-ins, sondern aus 7 Plug-ins und der Host-Software”
So I’ve to pay for a part of software (PL2 Essential) I don’t need…for me it sounds crazy, so I don’t buy and use the old free Nik Collection and hope they will split the bundle in the future, so maybe the price only for NIK is less.:exploding_head:

Hello Guenter,
you actually get PL2 essential for free. Just delete it aftwards if you don’t need it.

Hi Sigi,
that’s the crazy thing I talk about. I pay let me say 70 Euro for the Nik and 30 Euro for the DXO 2. And afterwards i throw the the 30 Euro out of the windows.
It would be like buying a OMD with Kit lens, and ofter a while later buying a Pro Lens for more than the single price, but getting let me say an EPL Body together with the pro lens, and afterwards throw the EPl body out of the window.
For me a coorect pricing would be a bundle like now DXO2+ Nik for 100 Euro for all the people don’t have a DXO3, and if they want to have the 3 Version they get it for an Upgrade price.
For all users still have the DXO 3 they can buy the Nik for a smaller price of 60-80 Euro.

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I think it is a good strategy from DxO, I am coming back to photography after a sabbatical doing something else. I have used Nik since it was first owned and created by Nik Software, so I knew I wanted it. I have also been looking to move away from Adobe as their pricing model does not suit my needs (I am being polite ;)), so I bought Nik, tried out DxO Photolab, saw the quality of the Raw conversions and purchased the DXO 3.2 Elite a few days later. I may not have tried Photolab it if it was not bundled. Although, I agree that for people who already have DxO, getting DxO as a part of a bundle seems a bit of a waist. Maybe as a part of an upgrade path DxO could offer only Nik for a reduced price (if the person already has PhotoLab). I will leave that hanging for DxO to consider.

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Hello Guenter,
NIk software was in the range of US$ 300 - 400 in the past - before Google - so you could also say this is a bargain. I get NIk now for very cheap and on top I get DPL for free.

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Hi Sigi,
I got NIK for free, and at the moment for me it’s ok. 99 Euro for Nik2.5 for me is too much money at the moment, but it is ok.
A nice weekend to all members

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Don’t hold your breath… :nauseated_face:

Hehe :wink: I am not…