Why no profile for the iPhone Xs? (RAW)

There is a profile for all iPhone up to the X. But nothing for the Xs, Xr? Why ? Could you fix it please? I’m certainly not the only user of the iPhone Xs, and the photographs are good enough to warrant proper RAW processing.
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I am too for this, would love to have a profile for XS and further models: I am stopped using dedicated cameras for a moment yet I am frequently using my iPhone to stitch images which I obviously shoot with 3rd party camera apps having Shutter speed/ISO/WB/etc control.

Would love to be able to PP images in DXO.

There are already multiples threads for this, the most discussed being this one: Support for the new iPhones

There are too few threads for this. Potential customers must be warned in front of PL because DXO has an aversion to IPhone owners.

Not IPhone any phone

One more to add to the list…
Just for your information I created a list for wishing support of unsupported raw here Wish list to support old raw files by DXO #photo archive matter and don’t forget to vote by clicking on the button “Vote” below the title.