Wish list to support old raw files by DXO #photo archive matter

Hi everybody,
Some of us can no longer develop old olympus raw files because DXO doesn’t support it. I’m still processing my old .orf files from my C5050Z camera but only with lightroom classic or ON1 2020. I wish I could switch entirely from lightroom to DXO but it seems that DXO doesn’t want us to process our photo archives. What a pitty !!! Is there a hope that 2021 would offer us more compatibilities with old raw formats. Same request from my Panasonic DMC-CM1…

I suggest to fill in this wish list, the more we will be, the more we will be listened.


------- WISH LIST TO SUPPORT OLD RAW ---- Fill in your camera (BRAND / MODEL) by alphabetic order :


If you want that people can vote on it you have to set your request up accordingly.

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Hi Sigi, sorry but i don’t understand your post. What should I do to set my request up ?

Hi Deneice,
on the forum go to

  • DXO Photo Lab>Which Feature do you need> and in there click on “New Topic”

at the top of this post is a “Vote” button. Please do not forget to vote yourself.


Thanx Sigi for your help , I didn’t know that nice tool and topic to vote features request :slight_smile:

You are very welcome

------- WISH LIST TO SUPPORT OLD RAW ---- Fill in your camera (BRAND / MODEL) by alphabetic order :

NIKON / D100

DxO has made it rather hard to find, but there is an “official” way to ask DxO to add support for a camera. It’s at the bottom of the following page:

Supported Cameras - DxO

On the other hand, DxO has said they need to obtain a camera before they can support it - so maybe this topic can help with that?

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  • do support this request. Cameras I would like to add:

Olympus e-20,e-10, and especially E-1 (Cameras can be provided if needed)
I am also reworking my archive with deep prime whereever I find RAW files, and it is a pity that this only works from Oly E-3 on.

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I would like support for mobile phone Nokia 7 Plus

There will never be enough support to ask DxO to add the old Leica M8 and M8.2 cameras to the list, or for that matter, many of my older cameras from years ago, but I wish PL4 could just open the file so I can work on it - DxO doesn’t need to adjust anything, or correct anything - just “open” the file, and I will do the rest manually.

The attitude seems to be until we can do it properly, we won’t do it. I’m not concerned about “properly”. I might prefer drinking water out of a proper glass, but if there were no glasses around, anything that held the water, even my two hands, would suffice.

Let’s add an “unsupported mode”, and let people use these old cameras with the same tools and techniques we’re enjoying for the new cameras.

Standing down from soapbox - I doubt this will happen, but I can wish.


Two things.

Old raws even from small sensors size with new algorithms give us lot of capabilities to exploit this archives again that can benefit from new features (denoise, upscale, sharpen, local adjustment, dehaze, recovery highlight, aberration and distorsion corrections).

Lock out and pandemic Covid 19, give us a new flavour to our archives because Covid crisis has written a new page and definitely engraved them in an old age…

That’s why #photo archive matter and DXO should help us to give them a second life. Don’t give a reason to those who said some years ago when digital camera was born that old photographs could not be read anymore and will disappear with digital age…

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Olympus E-500 for me.

Generic DNG support would do the trick. I’m fine not getting every last bit of secret processing sauce.

I know that I can change the EXIF tag to a supported camera (e.g., E-510) and get a conversion, but I also know that the E-510 uses a completely different sensor than the E-500 (Pansonic MOS vs. Kodak CCD).

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It is probably not a priority but it is something I too would be happy with.

I think I should explain why I want this - having learned so much about PL4, I have no desire to need to remember all the different editing tools for many image editors. I would prefer to do as much as possible in PL4.

Converting the image to TIFF, then editing in PL4 is what I do now, if I use an unsupported camera. I wish I could open the original RAW image, with none of the “automatic corrections” being available.

I haven’t done much editing lately - need to get back into it. For new photos, it will likely be my M10 or one of my Nikons. I wish I could use my M8.2 as well, and I guess the TIFF option is as good as it will ever get - but I can hope… :slight_smile:


I echo this request. There is a niche and growing community of young photographers who are loving older CCD censored cameras and it is such a disappointment not to be able to use them. I for one have just started to collect these older digital cameras and now have a trove that I wish I could use DXO for. It’s the only thing keeping me with LR right now. My list includes:

  • Olympus E1
  • Olympus E300
  • Fuji S5 Pro
  • Leica M-E
  • Leica M8
  • Panasonic L1
  • Nikon D100
  • Canon G5
  • Fuji Finepix F50 FD

I would also love to see the E-500 added. My daughter is using my old body/kit lens combo as it is still in mint condition. I help out with the editing and was disappointed to find the files would not open in PL5, especially as my E3 & E5 are still supported. I can edit in other packages such as Aftershot Pro and various Luminar versions, including Neo (same for my old Canon Powershot G2 raw files).

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