Why do PL and Nik want to connect to the Internet every time I use them?

The question is in the subject line. I would like to know, because I usually work offline, why the programs request connection to the Internet.


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They check for updates and transmit some usage information. You can switch it off in the settings:

Example: DPL will check for updates and should not send usage data.


Thanks for the information! My German isn’t good anymore, but I think I will be able to figure it out :slight_smile:

On macOS there is also a connection to activation(dot)dxo(dot)com.
Maybe to check for the license ?

Well…I checked my preferences and there is no check box as displayed in the German version.

m-photo: no software needs to check a license 3 times a day. Once a month, sure.!

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I agree. Just saying what I see with my firewall.

In your settings I do not see the “check for update” option.

Yeah, I do not see the check for update option either. I never let anything automatically check for updates.

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I do, but never let it install automatically…

Hello @nikki,

Can you, please be more detailed? I mean when does it happen? And what message do you see?

Svetlana G.

On Mac here and yes, PL always connects to the internet als when search automatically for updates and statistics is unchecked. I think this is a license check, or whatever. Apps in generell like to go online for many reasons. I have Little Snitch installed and it’s really incredible what some apps call home.
Thats why I also know that PL does the same.

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@KameraD please have a look here:
Little Snitch Firewall - Internet Access Policy

And of course I have the same behaviour here.

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Ah ok, thanks Marc. So an old topic.

Svetlana G.

Every time I open PL it wants to connect to the Internet.
Every time I open a NIK plugin, it wants to connect to the Internet.
dop.cor.exe (or some similar thing–I did not write it down) that function also wants to connect to the Internet.
Seems excessive, unnecessary, and frankly intrusive to me.
Is there a way to prevent this behavior–within the program. I can block it with my firewall, but the behavior seems odd.

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I am on Windows but do use a zone alarm firewall that I have set to alert me when programs ask for Internet access.

Ah, no, I invited you to vote for the IAP for Little Snitch in order to get more details when DxO establish a connection :slight_smile:

We are on Mac and have the same here.
We will get an answer soon I am sure… after a nice weekend hopefully :slight_smile:

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oops sorry, voted :wink:

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Don’t forget Nik was in Google hands for awhile. No one loves phoning home like Google (it was using a Google updater at one point which was a whole separate running process like ALM.

High time DxO backed off here a bit. If we wanted to install spyware with our photo software, we’d subscribe to Adobe CC.


  • It happens so because PL tries to check if there is any update of the CafList.db on the server and if there is an update of the version. You can’t disable it inside the app - only outside by blocking the access to the Internet.

Svetlana G.

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