White vignette!

OK i’ve got a big problem i bought DxOPureRaw2 to remove noise, not to remove vignettes or to create white vignettes in my pictures.
I´m using Windows 11(latest version) and for the photos i´m uploading I’ve used Fujifilm X-t30 II with Fujifilm XF 18mm f/1.4 R LM WR.

As you can see:
1 - Is the untouched raw.
2 and 3 - Are the ones after using DxO PureRaw2 with and without “Optical Correction”.
4 - Is the result in lightroom after i remove “Enable Profile Corrections” after using PureRaw2.

This is pathetic Dxo needs to fix this. No one buys PureRaw2 to remove vignetting much less to have one with white vignetting created. In picture 4i still mask it a little but the white is still there. please fix your software DXO and help me.

Hi Pedro and welcome,

Did you not notice this effect during the free 30 day trial? Please post the original file to a sharing service such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, p-Cloud, etc. and then post the link to it here so that we can take a look at it and be able to better assist you.

It’s clearly stated here that PureRAW 2 addresses vignetting:
DxO PureRAW - Simply better RAW files

Optical corrections include vignette correction as well as lens distortions. However: if you have a polarizer filter on your lens, it can throw off the vignette correction in the manner you’re seeing. If not, it’s probably a defect in the optics module: you’d need to submit a help request via support.dxo.com and provide a sample RAW image via upload.dxo.com.

Didn’t try trial version. Simply bought the software, everyone talked so well about it.
I’ll try to post the RAW tomorrow.

All i had was a UV filter, have them in all lenses. The same problem happens with other photos using other lenses like the XF 33mm f/1.4 R LM WR.
Didn’t realise it affected vignette…Damn!.. my Bad. Should have read more.
But in “Optical Corrections” should have the opion to keep or remove vignette.

I have the same problem. It hasn’t been a major problem so far because I have only used the program for extreme crop photos. This has been a big disappointment. I also cannot use the GPU because it will hard-crash my computer. This thing has a lot of bugs.

I turned off all lens corrections, and I still have the same problem.

Original file:

Dear Harry,

no idea about your system, GPU, driver version of GPU and OS…maybe you can give more details so perhaps you will got some assistance

best regards


This is why I hated PR2 (which I bought and only later realized the issue).
The correction is often over for me (and others as you can find some posts on this forum), and there was no option to fine tune it.

For references:

This problem is however not an issue if you had PL, as you can simply tune it down and it works pretty well that way.