Feature Request - Vigneting correction Optional

Hi there,

First of all, I would like to thank you DXO Team for the 1.5 update.
I would like to make the Vignetting correction Optional, on most of my images (sony a7riii + 20 f1.8 and 70-300 Tamron) the vignetting correction is too much and we can see some white borders.

Would it be possible to make an option as you did for the sharpness, just for vignetting?
Currently my only alternative is to disable the lens in the modules to don’t have the vignetting but then I lose the magic sharpness.

this topic was also mentioned here: Please make corrections selectable - DxO PureRAW - DxO Forums

Thanks a lot,


Second that, this makes DxO Pureraw 2 almost useless.

Third that.

The vignette correction is over the top on several on my lenses and drone. I’d like to be able to disable it. It renders panoramas a nightmare with patchy sky.