Please make corrections selectable

I just tried DxO Pure RAW. Great idea. One thing that bothers me - the automatic vignetting correction. It blows or saturates highlights away from the center. Make it selectable, please.

I understand that NR could depend on the vignetting correction. Then a few options, like 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100% would be great. I never apply 100% correction on my images.

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I don’t use DXO Pure Raw because I can do the same with Photolab 4.

Just watch an excellent video of Robin Whalley on Youtube about the workflow:

Vignette correction in Photolab (and I think in Pure Raw as well) can cause issues. When I process my astrophotography images with DXO Photolab I always turn off the vignette correction because it causes banding issues, see Vignetting filter causing banding - #24 by LexB

I don’t know if DXO will change the options for Pure RAW, but if you want to have control you could switch to use Photolab.



Thanks. I do have PhotoLab, and it does the job.

+1 also getting too strong de-vignetting

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