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I’ve read endless workarounds in the forum, spread over a few years, but still don’t understand why Selective Tone Control can’t have a White slider, like most of the major competition. Maybe I just like simple but White is recognised as a key aspect of image quality, so why have so many work around options. Is it that complex to include a White slider or will it damage a workspace that much? I really don’t understand.

I do a lot of surf/beach work and am always struggling to get white foam/spray to become true white. Other controls, including Tone Curve affect other colours, as does the +Black.

Am I missing something or do I need to add a feature request? Will it even be considered, as this has been raised so many times before?

Hi, Mike. By starting this topic, you’ve added a feature request! We can all vote for it and comment on it. DxO staff will consider it based on our input and on whatever plans they already have for PhotoLab’s evolution.

For now, I only wish to point out that PhotoLab’s Selective Tone sliders don’t work the same as the similarly-named sliders in, say, Lightroom and Capture One. In PL, they have a stronger (in some ways) and even overlapping influence over the whole tonal range. (See here if you haven’t already.) After a bit of reading, I think I can see how a Whites slider would be particularly beneficial.

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Hi Greg. Many thanks for your thoughtful response.

As PL doesn’t support R5, yet, I downloaded a trial copy of Capture One and was reminded how simple and useful a White slider is. I moved to PL from LR where I used the White slider all the time and have never been able to achieve the same result simply with PL, in my year (almost) of using Elite.

I’ve just read up on this “magic” white slider. In PL, all I need to do is to use the Highlight Contrast and Highlight Selective Tone to get the same effect.

Never forget, if there is no detail in the highlights, it cannot be recovered, whatever tool you use.

Hi Mike,
The waiting is almost over…
As stated on our website, Canon R5/R6 will be available next month :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks for the reply, Joanna. I do use both but they are not quite the same. White affects white, not all highlights. It can be similar but not the same. A bit like having a white in HSL which, of course, there isn’t.

Yes, I saw that, thank you, Steven. I hope it’s nearer the 1st than the 31st because my backlog has been building over the weeks. Using DPP and other programs is total frustration.

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