White Balance offset with DNG export

When processing a RAW file from some bodies (for instance: Olympus E-M5 mk III), every DNG export seems to have a white balance values offset.

Let’s take an example of a RAW file in Lightroom.
WB as is = 6500 K Tint +8.

Send this file in DxO Photolab, DNG export to Lightroom (for instance simplified DNG to be sure not to have any color modification).

The resulting DNG will have the same interpretation of the white balance, but with different values. For instance:
WB as is = 7200 K Tint +15. (offset = 700 K +7, the offset depends on the initial WB values)

Let’s be clear, the DNG has the same color potential as the RAW file. Only the values have been offseted.

However, this is a problem when copying settings from one file to another.
On my previous body (Olympus E-M10), I could copy/paste settings from a RAW to a DxO DNG without problem.

With my E-M5.3, when copying the settings, the white balance will be completely off.
To have the correct settings, I have to apply the correct offset (here +700K Tint +7) to have the correct settings, which is problematic (I mostly send only part of series to DxO so I have a mix of DNG and RAW to process)