When does the upgrade offer/pricing expire?

How long will be upgrade pricing be offered?

The upgrade will remain the same, except for a possible reduction for Black Friday, or any other special offer.


TY Joanna!

Do wait for Black Friday! Last year saw a 30% savings. Previous years have been even higher.

And every year people who buy too early complain that DXO will not give them a refund.

So . . . if you care about saving a few dollars or euros or pounds . . . patience.


Yes, by all means, if you want the best price, wait for Black Friday (the week of Thanksgiving in the US) when traditionally DxO has offered their best prices briefly for both full and upgrade license purchases, but I will not be surprised if there is a reduction to 25% or 20%, or a partial (e.g. to new full licenses only) or even total elimination of the Black Friday promotion this year.

If I recall correctly, the Black Friday price was 40% lower in 2021, cut to 30% lower in 2022. They used to offer a smaller promotional discount for major versions at launch; that’s gone. They used to offer a reduction in price to adding and upgrading FilmPack and ViewPoint to PhotoLab licensees; that’s gone; “same price for everyone.”

The writing is on the wall; DxO doesn’t like losing revenue to upgraders who wait for promotions. Maybe in coming years PhotoLab upgrade discounts are only offered to those one version back, not two. They are paring back on promotional discounts, and they are doing it without announcing what changes are coming in advance.

I doubt the price goes up in late November, so there’s no harm in waiting–typically PhotoLab has had minor updates and runs better two months after the major version release anyway–and maybe I’m wrong. But I just have a feeling there are more shoes to drop.