What does Photolab 6 "loading error in block load" mean

What does “loading error in block load” mean? Trying to load a dng file from LR.

Hi Stephanie - - It probably means you’re asking PL to load a .DNG file whose contents are not supported by PL. For extensive discussion on this, see here.

John M

PhotoLab clearly reports when it can’t load an image file because the image type isn’t supported. That shouldn’t produce a “loading error in block load” fault. My guess is that this is a problem actually reading the file in its stored location. It could be a corrupt file or a data transmission problem. You should probably investigate this through technical support (support.dxo.com) so that you don’t have to divulge much about your file system here. But can you give us more details about this DNG file and where it’s located?

You are incorrect. PhotoLab claims to support DNG when it doesn’t properly support DNG. PhotoLab only has parial support for DNG as discussed at length in this thread: see here .
It is not a corrupt file if lightroom can read it. [stephenie ] (Profile - Stephanie - DxO Forums) you might want to join the other thread referenced.

Well. This is what DxO claim PL do support.

Compatible file formats

  • Native DNG files from supported cameras.
  • Linear DNG files created by DxO PhotoLab.
  • DNG files created by Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and DNG Converter, excluding compressed lossy DNG format. DNG files output by merge HDR, Panorama, or Panorama HDR from Lightroom or Camera Raw.
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It does NOT support DNG files created by Adobe Lightroom. That is a FACT.
(had you read this thread you would have seen that)
Therefore it does not fully support DNG created by Adobe Camera RAW,
That is the problem.
PL only supports DNG from some cameras and its own DNG.

I’m not saying you are wrong. I said that they claim to support those. :slight_smile:

So the best step would be for them to correct their user guide and information.
Second step would be to enhance, correct or your extend their support for variants of dng format.

The best step would be for you to actually read the other thread (mentioned twice above) and realise all this has already been discussed (at length) both your points are the same as we have all suggested in the other thread so we agree on that.

Thank you for the humble response.

I just want to offer a reminder that this is the question this thread was created to answer. I remain unconvinced that an unsupported DNG file is the reason for the error message, even if it happens that the DNG file is not supported in PhotoLab.

In retrospect, I agree - and, therefore, I correct my suggestion (above) as to this being the possible cause of your error message.

Have you/Stephanie checked out Greg’s suggestions above ?

John M