Watermark option completely gone in Photolab 7.7

Windows user here, I cannot find the watermark option in the export nor in the effect tab,
falling back to 7.6 for now.

And then I realized I didn’t have the installation file for 7.6. Anyone has it?
Pretty insane that DxO didn’t just make all version, at least within 7.x, available for download.


Was it a trial version before the update or a commercial version purchased?

It’s always a purchased version.

We are aware of the issue with today’s update concerning features of the Elite Edition. Our development team is working on the fix. We appreciate your patience and will provide further updates as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

Following the problem you encountered with update 7.7, please close DxO PhotoLab and simply relaunch it. Once restarted, the problem encountered should be gone. We excuse for the inconvenience in the past hours.


Fabrice-BSupport TeamDxO staff


Hello ,
Was it a trial version before the update or a commercial version purchased?

Hello @Fabrice-B and @Barbara-S ,

Great service you guys provided, and quite late at night too. I do believe that we’ve turned a corner here. Congratulations on a job well-done!!

Hard at work yes, but it could have been handled much, much better to be very honest.
One simple solution is to provide a link to download 7.6 so people can fall back to.

I asked the support, they gave me the link to 7.7 and I only found out by reinstalling 7.7 with that. Then now a second email claim they can’t allow falling back, when there are other members luckily saving 7.6 installer and could do so.

In order to be able to work around such inconveniences, I do the following as soon as an app pops up the “Update” window:

  1. Note the new version number, e.g.
  2. Log in at shop.dxo.com
  3. Download the full installer and keep it safe
  4. Rename the full installer to include the minor version numbers as noted in step 1
  5. Install the app from the new installer

Here’s an excerpt of the PL6 installers on my backup drive:
Bildschirm 2024-05-29 um 20.34.57
Drive space taken by these files: ±2.2.GB

Often, it makes sense to download the other apps too as DxO publishes updates for all apps (incl. Nik) at around the same time. Keep as many versions as you like and delete the older versions you don’t want any more. After all, the installers get bigger all the time and can fill a volume quickly.

To exclude duplicates, I periodically run checksums, using the terminal, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. A simple checksum will do, e.g. “shasum *.dmg”

Hint: On macOS’s Information panel, the download URL can be displayed.

@Sandbo ,

According to a DxO forum discussion you linked, the watermark feature seems to be missing or hidden in DxO PhotoLab 7.7, especially for users with the Elite Edition. This is likely a temporary issue due to a recent update.

If the problem is due to the license problem, it has been solved.
You can try to restart and put your license number.