Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet

Is anyone using the Wacom Pro Intuos tablet (on any equivalent USB) under MS Windows PhotoLab Elite current complete? If so, does it work as it does with many other non-DxO workflow applications: one can select an area or an item by hand with the stylus on the tablet and then apply corrections just to the selected portion? I have read posts on this list about Wacom tablet/s not supported, etc. To me, there is little advantage with pointing using a stylus at a “button” on the screen over selecting an item by using the keyboard and pointing device on a regular non-touch-screen computer, but there is a large advantage when selecting particular area features in an image.

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It’s a long list and things might have changed over the time.

Hi Wolfgang,
I ran through your list - and overall I feel, we are pulling the same string. There is the need for better support of graphic tablets in general (NOT only Wacom) - which could be achieved in my eyes, if there is more flexibility on shortcuts in general.

As mentioned in the above, I feel that shortcuts should NOT be changed overall. But there should be a mode where you can influence some of them - especially in masking area.