VP4 plugin in Photoshop does not save processed images like it does in VP3

I have installed VP4 for some time which I use of course in PL6 but I also wanted to do it in Photoshop CS6 too. In reality, however, it does not work in Photoshop because it does not save the processed images (TIFF) at all, as it happens perfectly in VP3. This forces me to also keep VP3 installed for use in Photoshop. My support request answered that VP4 does not support PhotoshopCS6.
But is this possible? You can not think of changing Photoshop or using another program to get the same effects !!!
Well, can someone clarify this for me?

Check DxOs support documentation:

PS CS6 is not listed explicitly and is therefore not supported, which does not give any reason for why VP3 ran and VP4 doesn’t… This simply means that things are what they are, that DxO will not support you with this issue and that the way to go is to stick to VP3 and use it as long as things work.

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Hi Paolo,
check here …

With old PS I’m using Perspective Efex

screenshot taken from Nik 3.3 manual

While not the latest version, it does everything I need
( forget about the “ReShape tool” ).

a non-AI solution. Thanks anyway

Thanks, I’ll try