Vignette correction aggressive

Hello. Is it possible for the team to make so it is possible to disable vignette correction, same way as sharpening? I find that very often, not always, but most of the time, the vignette correction is WAY to aggressive.

If this could be possible, the software would be perfect!

Br Jesper.

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The vignetting tool (the one that corrects vignetting through a lens module) comes with additional sliders that you can use to reduce the correction. Save the settings as a new preset and make it the default preset if you like to use it on all new images.

This option doesn’t exist in PureRAW, only in PL. Probably should be added to PR though.

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This happens with some modules. It is not a bug in PR, but these modules need to be reworked or else the Vignetting tool mentioned by @platypus should be added to PR.

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yes, forgot to check the category. PureRaw offers only a few options- and they are either on or off.

Like it’s in the name… PureRaw or laborating on kinky parameters… :laughing:

I’m having the same issue. Vignetting correction is really aggressive and I end up with a white halo around my pictures. Makes PureRAW kind of useless to me as it basically destroys every image I send to it…

That sounds really drastic. Can you say something about which camera and lens you used and which versions of PDR and operating system?

Which settings produce the issue? Maybe add a screenshot?

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Sony A7RIII + Sony E 10-18mm f/4

DeepPRIME + Global lens sharpening + Lens distortion correction → DNG

PureRaw 2.0.1
MacOS 12.3.1

Here are a few screenshots of crops of the left and right corners of a picture as the sky makes it easier to notice. Also adding a complete crop of the sky zoomed out where it’s even more noticeable

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 11.37.04

Ah, I see. The correction seems to be too strong, I’ve seen that (and still see it, even though the module has been updated) in a module of a lens I use. You did not use a polariser for the example shot?

Maybe @Marie can take you to the next steps to improve the situation.

With my camera (Panasonic G9) I had to switch off in-camera vignetting correction as it was baked into the RAWs. Without switching it off, the correction of DxO was too strong. I have no experience with Sony cameras, but you may at least check if any in-camera correction is turned on.

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Strange. Panasonic bakes corrections into its RAW files? I’ll have to test what my Canons do…

Canon in-camera settings are baked into a separate area of their raw files and is only available when using Canon’s own proprietary software Digital Photo Professional (DPP). It is the same for the proprietary software from other camera vendors. I can’t speak to what’s happening with Panasonic since I’m not a user of their cameras.


This is a screenshot of two RAW files viewed with FastRawViewer. In-camera vignetting correction on my Panasonic G9 was switched ON / OFF, respectively. To defend Panasonic, the default setting is OFF.

Panasonic bakes the correction into the RAW files? I doubt that. It’s a switch you can turn ON or OFF. I just tested it with S5 and S1R, one lens with and the other without DxO profile and I don’t see PL acting different. but the test was rather quick and dirty. However, I could imagine: if there’s an effect like a halo, it will be sooner visible on µ 4/3: the sensor is smaller, FL’s are shorter, therefore more prone to vignetting.

Out of interest: The vignetting I can alter in the “creative vignetting” board? Anywhere else? I just was searching for vignetting (or better “brightness fall-off”) in the lens correction board, but could not find anything there.

FRV usually displays the out of camera preview…

indeed, we’re in the PureRAW thread too :wink:

I’m sorry, off and away…

No worries, I still wonder why switching vignetting correction off in camera would change the output of DPR (or DPL, if it behaved similarly…)

PureRAW accepts RAW files only, so I wonder what’s going on here…

Now a second test: I developed the two RAW files with PL using exactly the same settings. Vignetting correction in PL was switched ON and set to 100. For my camera (Panasonic G9) and my eyes, in-camera correction of vignetting affects the RAW file and as a consequence, the image edges become overcorrected, i.e. too bright. I would assume that with PureRaw, the effect would be comparable although I do not own the software. So my recommendation would be to perform own tests with in-camera correction settings for your specific manufacturer and camera model.