Vignette correction aggressive

Please post the original RAW files here or add a link to a sharing service, so that we can have a look at the files in other apps. Only then can we establish, if the issue is caused by DPR somewhere else.

RAW file with in-camera vignetting correction ON:

RAW file with in-camera vignetting correction OFF:

Looking forward to your new insights.

Had a look at the files in RawDigger.

Panasonic seems to bake falloff compensation into the RAW file indeed. Look at the exposure statistics, specially the sigma (standard deviation) values: Lower values mean that there is less variation, hence less falloff.

“Shading compensation” OFF
Bildschirm 2022-05-19 um 23.12.41

“Shading compensation” ON
Bildschirm 2022-05-19 um 23.13.44

This being the case, DxO should take this into account and tune the falloff correction accordingly. This also means that you, @chris43, should switch off the compensation - if you plan to use PureRAW before it has been fixed.

attn.: @StanN

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Same issue, de-vignetting too aggressive on Sony RX1RII. Need to add a switch to make the PureRAW usable. Please make it even more pure RAW!

To illustrate the point: here is a comparison of 2 uncorrected Sony RX1RII and DxO PureRaw2.

The DeepPRIME creates actually a white vignetting: corners are brighter than the center.

The Sony 35mm fixed lens has actually naturally nice vignetting, that is impossible to replicate.

With such results, the PureRaw is unusable for me. Not just it is not possible to get rid of the white vignetting completely, but often time I also prefer the natural vignetting of the lens over the flat picture or the artificial vignetting of photo editors.

The examples above are with F11 (vignetting vastly differs between aperture settings)

Do we have any update on this?
Just bought PureRaw 2 and realized there was NO option to remove vignetting correction, even with everything turned to off.

This renders some of my photos totally unusable due to obvious reasons stated above.

I am using Pure Raw 2.0 Version 2.3 build 6. It is currently the latest available version. I am facingthe same issue. On a Fuji X-T3 with XF55-200 the correction of the vignetting is too aggressive - the result is not useable. There is an option to switch off the lens correction but either this does not work or the correction can not be switched off completely.
By the way: In the module manager of Pure Raw proposes the correct camera/lense combination for correction.
A workaround is to de-select any optical module for lense correction. By doing so Pure Raw does not apply any lense correction.

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