ViewPoint 4 doesn't update file list

When I use ViewPoint 4 to edit a file and save it in the same folder, ViewPoint’s list of files isn’t updated until I reopen the folder. This can be confusing, because I typically save the edited files in the same folder I started with, and ViewPoint 4 doesn’t show me which files I have edited (unless I go to the trouble of reopening the folder).

This sounds very similar to a series of similar bugs in PhotoLab 6:

It looks like all reports so far are from Mac users. So the way that recent DxO software handles listening to file / folder updates on Mac (or specific versions of macOS) might be kinda broken.

Yes, seems like it could be a Mac-specific issue.

I noticed Robin Whaley (in that video to which you provide a link, Florens) noted the same issue - and he was using a Mac too.