Possible bugs version 6

The following behaviours were not present in v5. No apparent preferences setting to correct.

  1. In the PhotoLibrary panel looking at a list of folders, click on a folder (e.g. Folder A), result: “Contains no files” (words to the effect) message. Click on next folder (e.g. Folder B), result: same message. Click again on Folder A, result: thumbnails now display.

  2. In Customize panel. Select thumbnail(s), right click, select ‘Remove’, dialogue box appears, press enter. Thumbnails remain but grey-ed out as per when selected. Return to PhotoLibrary panel, ‘deleted’ thumbnails remain but are ‘empty’ with image replaced by green question mark. Return to Customize panel, deleted thumbnails are now gone. Return to PhotoLibrary panel, deleted thumbnails are now gone.

  3. In Customize panel. Select thumbnail, action ‘Create Virtual Copy’, results: no visible change. Return to PhotoLibrary panel, no visible change. Click to an other folder then click back into initial folder and virtual copy thumbnail now visible. Double click on this thumbnail causes to Customize panel (i.e. usual normal behaviour) and virtual copy thumbnail is now visible.

In contrast, in v5 images that were removed/deleted vanished promptly, and virtual copies appeared promptly in the Customize panel. No back and forth between panels or folders.

system: M1 macMini, MacOS 12.5.1

Regards, Peter Cooney

Similar weirdness experienced here. Also, something very weird is up with the retouch function. Retouched spots will disappear, and also be misplaced/moved. Until this is fixed it seems that spots and stuff will have to be “retouched” in Photoshop using an exported tiff.
One terrific bug in Retouch is when I zoom in very close to fix spots, and then the retouched points will be moved when I move the canvas to the next spot to be retouched. Retouched spots won’t stick to where they where placed… and yes… they also tend to disappear after a while.

In the first session with v6 I also experienced that virtual copies are not displayed. But I did not see this problem in the last sessions. Also deleted thumbnails vanish at once.


Same here (running Monterey), also ‘delete’ image thumbnails were not being removed unless you left the folder then returned. I did find that a hard restart appeared to fix this one. Also confirm odd behaviour with the new retouch tool. All edits suddenly lost, often at random. I also have an issue where some lens modules are not being recognised, though the next image, taken a few seconds before or after with the same lens (Olympus 12-100 f4.0 IS Pro) IS recognised correctly. Definitely some bugs which I am sure should be fixed soon. Overall, very pleased with the update though.

This is being discussed here if you want to add your voice and experiences…

Would be interesting to know what hardware you are you as so far it appears to possibly only be affecting intel processors for whatever reason.
Yet to have anyone running an M1 or M2 experience it that has commented.

Was away for a few days on a shoot. Applied latest update. Same issues. Just posted in thread.