Video Problems

Thank you. I’ve added your data to the issue as well.

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana!

I think i have got the same issue.
My System:
MSI Trident 3 - I7 8700
Nvidia 1060 Aero
32 Gb Ram
Problem happend with win 10 / 1809 & Photolab 1.2, Win 10 1903 & Photolab 2.2 & 2.3
the only other Programm with similar Problems is Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3.


Got it. Thank you. As soon as the fix will be ready I will let you all know.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Is there any update on this issue? Since a hardware and win7->win10 change all or almost all UI controls randomly don’t repaint properly after being highlighted by mouse over.

Also I occasionally see a screen area painted with some greatly magnified other part of the screen or other part of what used to be on screen like the optics module screenshot above.

The recent Disappearing tag markers on thumbnails post looks like the same issue. With everything set to permanently on the pick and reject tags can be made to disappear by mousing over them while the rating and trashcan always show.

I don’t have this issue with any other application. Running nVidia GTX980 with current drivers.

Good morning,

Still in progress.

Svetlana G.


It seems there is some external software interfereing on the video board communication. To help us identifying if this is the case, I would like to ask you to follow this procedure:

Please download the small executable “HijackThis.exe” and copy it to your computer desktop or some other convenient location. Run it as administrator, agree to the License that appears next by clicking on [Accept]. A small GUI with different buttons will next be presented to you. Click on the button [Do a system scan and save a logfile]. Please send us a copy of the logfile that is generated, “hijackthis.log”, as an email attachment.

“HijackThis.exe” does not install itself on your computer. You may simply close it and delete the executable file and it will be gone. This logfile lists every single process running on your computer.




Hard to believe. I don’t have anything installed that I didn’t have on Win7 using the same graphics card. It is Win 10 so there are new drivers and direct X I suppose.

You seem not to be able to reproduce the problem, maybe this screen capture will give you a clue. On mouse over you seem to be blitting the wrong images or into the wrong rectangles.

When the mouse cursor disappears the screen actually shows an I bar that the capture software doesn’t see.

Thanks for the info. Still, I would like you to provide a Hijackthis report, so that we can make a deeper investigation.

Another example from the preference dialog which is very repeatable.


The first as the dialog is presented and the second after mousing over the drop downs. The image which is supposed to remove the mouseover highlight is a magnified part of the original “My Default” image. Moving around the dialog with tab and cursor keys also corrupts the elements so it isn’t mouse specific.

Looks like the control focus effect is removed by painting with a saved pre-focus effect image and somehow the scaling of that image is messed up.

Thanks for the info, but once more, I would need a “Hijackthis” report to continue the investigation.

I found changing the EnableWpfGpuAcceleration setting in DxO.PhotoLab.exe.config to False fixes the problem at the cost of sluggish redrawing of the large image I am working on.

It seems he doesn’t really want his problem investigated or fixed. You’ve asked twice for his help, and for a Highjackthis capture. We know you tried. :wink: :grinning:

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Because I care about the security of my system forgive me for not wanting to run random crap from the internet especially with administrative rights.

My previous win 7 system which didn’t have this problem (and did have the same graphics card) had 8 years to be hijacked and virus infected. This new system has been alive for two weeks.

Hello. Yonni.

I understand your concern for protection of your system - - and you would be correct to mistrust a request to run some unknown software on your system IF that suggestion came from a dodgy/untrustworthy source - but, in this case, the request is coming from a known and trusted source (DxO) in the quest to solve your video problem.

If you re-read this post (above) from Gustavo I reckon you’ll find that this is a safe & reasonable request/suggestion (notwithstanding the unfortunately scary name of the “HijackThis” tool).

Regards, John M



This tool has been used by us to identify problems for a lot of years. In DxO we would never make an user install something that could harm his OS.

Generating this report is the only way we could help you identify your problem.

Anyone else with this problem can try deinstalling the Realtek sonic radar app (part of an audio driver install) and rebooting.

I have got the same Issue and posted it on the 11 July.
I will send you the Log from my PC, but i dont know how. I Cant upload it because my account is to new.



  • Thank you. You can upload the file to our server under your Forum name instead of the ‘support ticket number’ field.

Svetlana G.


i‘ve the same problem with my nVdia qudro M4000.
The answer of support was disable gpu in DxO.PhotoLab.exe.config with

In beta i’ve the same problem.


Thank you. Then can you provide us with “Hijackthis” report?

Svetlana G.

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