Disappearing tag markers on thumbnails

Usually, when I move the mouse cursor over an image thumbnail, I see the tag markers (green or red) light up to indicate that I have picked or rejected the image. But sometimes, this doesn’t happen:


The screenshot was taken with the mouse cursor over the thumbnail of a picked image. I should see a green marker, but I don’t.

Take a look in the settings.

Section " Image Browser section" in this page


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Hello @rwerp,

Could you, please, check your settings here:

Svetlana G.

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Thanks, when I change the setting to “Always ON”, the tag marks are always visible. So there’s a workaround. But the setting “On mouseover” is not reliable.


  • It’s really strange. If you find a scenario, please, let us know.

Svetlana G.

It happens when I have more than 500 RAW files (Olympus .ORF format) in a directory. But it’s not 100% deterministic.