User Defined "SHAPE & FEATHERING" on the "U Point Technology" circle!

To me, as a user of many years … I have lusted after the ability of changing the shape of the “U Point” circle by a simple click and drag … imagine the power this would give users to alter not just the size but shape too.
User defined, bespoke editing on a specific image … effectively a lasso like Photoshop but not “Snap Too” … would be too limiting … user defined … and please, feathering guys … speaks for itself I’m sure.

Aussie Allan

G’day fellow Aussie !

Whenever I see a request for ability to “change the shape of the U-Point circle” I wonder if the requester had similar misunderstanding that I initially had regarding how corrections are applied by the U-Point technology … See here for an explanation: How “area-of-influence” of a U-Point is determined