Unable to export to Dfine 2 from Lightroom

I am using the latest Nik Software for Mac M1 and the Dfine export from Lightroom does not work. I am trying to export a Nikon full frame .NEF file and the result can be seen in the attached screenshot. This does work fine from Photoshop. Any ideas?

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Might be related to

I have the same issue. I am running macOS Monterey 12.3.1 with Nik Collection v4.3.4. I found a work around until the two software developers that make up DxO software team complete their “How to Code Mac Software” training course.

Find the applications in the folder under /Applications/Nik Collection/

For each applicaiton giving you this issue select it and then right click and select “Get Info”.

Then check the “Open using Rosetta” chekbox. Close the window.

It should now work as expected.

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Thanks - works (albeit we have to run in Rosetta :frowning: )