Two optical module versions (without correction and in-camera correction)

@Marie or @Cecile-C

DxO offers two modules for mirorless DCs (DSLM) as standard (S5 II + Lumix S 85mm for JPEG and raw on the screenshot).

Four modules are available for this new lens (S5 II + Lumix S 14-28mm on the screenshot).

  • RAW with in-camera correction
  • RAW

I understand “in-camera” as the integration of DC software corrections into the raw file. So there would be two encapsulated images.
Indeed, depending on the lens used, the raw file size is either 26Mb or 40Mb.

Why does DxO offer to complement on-board correction ?
DxO praises its excellence!

I also see two modules for camera JPEG.

  • JPEG with in-camera correction
  • JPEG

Now, I don’t get it. Panasonic offers an uncorrected JPEG image?
Can you clarify?


The question is more for Panasonic…
With Canon you can choose to apply correction in three ways: vignetting, distorsion, lens optimization. With some lenses, distorsion is always active (e.g. RF 24-240). But it is only for JPG, CR3 are left uncorrected up to now, and I hope it won’t change in the future.

YES, that’s the experience so far with JPEG cameras.
Here, there are clearly two versions encapsulated in the raw file.


Canon raw files can be optically corrected in DPP, which can save the corrected image. Doing this increases file size considerably…

I’ve not seen the corrected image though, except in DPP or files exported by DPP.

Considering computational photography getting adopted more widely, we might see multiple modules in a not so distant future…depending on whether DxO will provide or not.

Searching for Sony lens corrections,in raw files, I found articles saying that they are baked in (diglloyd, 2015) and that they are not baked in (Sony, 2019). This looks like a mess to me, either with what Sony camera firmware actually does or what the documents say or both. How can one be sure which case one gets with any given lens-body-firmware combo out there under these conditions?

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and when Sony raw has raw data with baked in corrections DxO does not offer ? why ? replace " excellence " with ignorance :slight_smile:

A clarification !?

DxO apparently continues to think that it is not the case despite the facts and illustrations with raw files produced that shows that vignetting correction if selected in camera menu will result in raw data altered so that applying supplied DxO optics module will overcorrect vignetting …

as noted in the other topic this is not a big deal as no sane raw shooter will use such option, but this nevertheless illustrates the lack of testing on DxO part since this is the case now almost ~10 years old ( I for example still have Sony A7R2 camera that has that situation )

I think the clarification is here:

The optical corrections on or off are not about any distortions, but about vignetting corrections activated or not, which will have an impact on the Photolab vignetting correction.

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