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(Christian) #63

I think I missed the point here: What are these other techniques? I understand there is no good reference for the WB in the picture since even the white surfaces are reflecting the sky colors.

What happens if you pick the back of the boat, pointing towards you, near the door, as a reference for the WB picker? It seems to not reflect colored light from the sky but more grayish light from the other side.

Also other software can do nothing but guessing. Probably there is no “correct” WB here anyways. It is more about the mood that you want to see captured in the picture.

(Peter) #64

The point is that the present WB functionallity can’t cope well with this kind of color mishits.
is used other tools to correct;

get the blue cast out.

correct even more.

get some color back in sky.

much more steps then when i can use the auto absolute wb preset in SP.
It is possible but less default steps, and more image related. (which colorcast is present)

water and sky is “off”

Well the Auto absolute and Auto natural are quite good in “guessing” from Sp7pro.

The point is by using other tools other then the WB tool you can overcome color cast.

(Melbourne, Australia) #65


Color Efex Pro (part of the Nik Collection) has a filter called Pro Contrast, which includes a setting to Correct Colour Cast … I have had success using this.

Its White Neutraliser filter is also useful (eg. for wedding dresses).

John M



You the man! I did not realize that I have this great tool for removing color casts at my disposal in Color Efex Pro! I have done some limited testing and the results are indeed very good.



(Peter) #67

Pro Contrast is also helpfull in landscape detailing.
it brings out a nice contrast which is a smart look of clearview.