TIFF export in ProPhoto?

Is there any way to successfully export a TIFF as ProPhoto?
I’ve tried just selecting ‘custom’ in the export dialog box, and selecting ProPhoto.icc - but when I then open that exported TIFF in PS, I see massive color shifts, as though the profile was just assigned not converted (sorry, PS terminology).
I’d like to use ProPhoto to print from as aRGB isn’t wide enough for me in some of the dark blues and magentas, that are covered in my ink/paper profile.

I guess I need to know more about PhotoLab color management. Is there a doc somewhere? Failing that, what color space is PL using internally?

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Rumor has it that it’s Adobe RGB but I never could find any statement about this from DxO and, very frankly, I doubt. You can read the following thread for details :


search here

inally, in terms of color space, PhotoLab proposes 4 options:

Original (which turns out that it is sRGB or AdobeRGB depending on the camera setting)
Custom (you can select an icc color profile)

Depends on your exif data so in which colorspace your camera is.
There isn’t a selection to chose in PL, it folows your setting of the camera.

See here
is this what you looking for?

For those who don’t have a Prophoto ICC profile installed on their system, you can get one from these pages :

http://www.color.org/chardata/rgb/rommrgb.xalter (don’t mind about the ROMM RGB name, it’s Prophoto)
https://sites.google.com/site/chromasoft/icmprofiles (this page also offers a few Prophoto variants)


See here
is this what you looking for?

This (export using ProPhoto ICC) is exactly what I am doing. I am not asking how to do it. I am asking why I am getting a color shift, and (more importantly) how can I make it work properly.

There are two possibilities

  • colorspace not being converted properly and exported image being tagged with ProPhoto
  • PL internal colorspace not as wide as ProPhoto and exported image being tagged with ProPhoto

I’m guessing that it’s mistagging besause I’m seeing a colorshift a bit like an aRGB file mistagged as sRGB (reds dark, maroon-ish). In this case it’s both blues and reds (and possibly yellow - just don’t have much yellow in my images)
I’m trying to use ProPhoto because of dark blues and cyans - there are some colors within my paper/ink profile that aRGB cannot cover.
I use ProPhoto in Photoshop to soft proof.

Original (which turns out that it is sRGB or AdobeRGB depending on the camera setting)

You do realize that with raw data, a camera’s colorspace setting is just a tag? ACR can demosaic into ProPhoto (or, theoretically, something wider than that) regardless of the camera’s setting.

I will try these ICCs tonight. The one on my system was installed by PS CS6, and it’s possible that PL is having an issue with it.

yes, but that is what was explained by Doquocbao as far as i understand his comment.
DxO doesn’t have a colorspace selection setting( he stated its in backlog to implement this selection posibility) but it takes over the colorspace of the Camera’s tag. and thus if you have a camera whom is set as sRGB it never wil be Adobe rgb (as workspace) and i think if you don’t have the possiblility to set colorspace in camera on ProPhoto you never end up in ProPhoto.

As fas as i understand, DxO follows colorspace of camera setting as workspace regardless of your export setting descibed above. Or it follows your export setting, which i find odd, as workspace.


I just made a few tests and exported images from DPL 2 as 16-bit TIFF and using the Prophoto (ROMM) profile mentioned above. Then I opened the TIFF files in PS CC 2019 and compared. I didn’t observe any color shift. The image might appear a little bit darker but I think it’s due to the different environment.

Sounds goodI I’ll report back. No wide gamut monitors here at work…

Sounds good! I’ll report back. No wide gamut monitors here at work…

Tried the RomRGB ICC file. PL2 on Win refused to use it, recognized it as an input device ICC.
Just to test, I copied in a ProPhoto.ICC file from another box I had PS on. Re-exported from PL2 with that ProPhoto.icc, opened that file in PS - and the color cast is gone. Yay? Looks like I had a corrupted ICC file. I’d be more enthusiastic if I knew how that happened
Thanks, everyone!