The latest PL6 will not export "unknown processing error"

“Same as it ever was!”
This is not my first rodeo with not being able to export. Before this latest modification and “bug fix”, I was able to have an initial export fail but subsequent exports would work. Now, I cannot get anything to export.

I have uninstalled the updated program, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the software, but still no joy.

Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just special?

Are you using a Mac or Windows? Did you try exiting PhotoLab and going back in and have the same problem? Did you try rebooting your computer and have the same problem after a restart?


Hey Mark -
Thanks for commenting. Windows 11 with all the updates.
I have done the exit, reopen, uninstall, reboot, reinstall. Same problem.

Loading up PL5 (un updated) and after 2 failed exports, it exports as it should. I am updating PL5 right now. I will see if the update changes anything with PL5.

I have just uninstalled PL6 again. Once I test the updated PL5, if it works, I will reboot again and reinstall PL6. If that doesn’t cure it, I will try and install an earlier version of PL6 (I still have the executables files.)

What antivirus program are you using?


Bitdefender - I have created an exception for PL5 and PL6.

If I understand your previous post correctly, you also been having an intermittent problem with PhotoLab 5 but not with an earlier version of Photolab 6?


Yes, it would work after 2 failures to export. I have just updated PL5 with the offered update that I refused when I started it today. Now nothing will export with it.

Go figure.

Are you examining the PhotoLab logs (in your Documents folder) for any clues about the failed exports? Are you getting any disk or permission-related errors in Event Viewer’s Application or System logs?

Are you reading from / writing to a NAS or some form of removable storage?

Hey Greg -
I am working from a 4TB hard drive. That has not changed over the past 4 years.

Just as a bit of background, I have had extensive sessions in the past with the home office. They have digested error logs, taken over my laptop and have come away shaking their heads. I have tried to export to many other places but the problem remained. After a few updates it got tolerable but, after this latest update, I am dead in the water.

I just finished the uninstall, reboot, reinstall of PL6. No joy.

I am hanging it up for the day. I think a dram of Reposado and an orange slice may improve my mood.

Thanks for all of your ideas. “I’ll be back!”

I know this is a rare condition but I am curious if anyone else has had it happen.

Let me make sure that I understand the current status of things. At some point both PL5 and PL6 both worked on your computer, correct? Did the problem begin with the most updated version of PL6? Uninstalling and reinstalling PL5 and PL6 does not fixed the problem and in fact now both versions including earlier point versions of both PL5 and P Lol 6 that worked in the past are both no longer working correctly. Am I missing something?

There may have been a operating system update or some other software update that is causing a problem that is impacting PhotoLab. Something you might want to consider trying is uninstalling both PL5 and PO6 as well as all vestiges of both versions. Before that, backup the databases so that you can restore them later. PL5 and PL6 should be two complete installations that do not interact at all and yet all of a sudden they both started having similar problems If I understood you correctly. It leads me to believe that something else unrelated to these DXO products is interfering with them in some way. That was one of the reasons I asked you about which antivirus program you were using. An an example, Avast AV has had some known issues with PhotoLab 6

Have you recently installed or updated any other software on your computer? Have you recently had any operating system updates installed on your system?


Try these two commands in a cmd window with administrator privileges.

sfc /scannow
dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

These will fix windows problems if it finds any.

Hey Mark -
I have not been ignoring this topic but I have gotten busy. I just finished shooting Buddy Guy in Chattanooga Tuesday and am now getting around to try to process.

This morning I uninstalled PL6 again. Rebooted, downloaded the full latest version and installed it. I first tried to process some of the images that were failing previously. The first two images failed (saving to the desktop to avoid the satellite drive) but then, lo and behold, I am back to lightning quick exporting. I then switched to save to the 4 TB drive - success!!! I am hoping I am back in business.

I have no idea why this has changed (I wish I did) but, I will take it.

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Hey Keith -
After the exporting success, I ran your suggested commands. Thanks for the tip. I don’t know if it will change anything but, it couldn’t hurt.

One more item I forgot to mention above -
Before I did the reinstall, I did run BitDefender cleanup and got rid of a ton of “useless stuff”. I’m not sure if that affected the anything. It did get rid of a lot of cached stuff and I am having to do more inputs when navigating around but no biggie.

I wish I was smarter about this stuff but, with smart folks here I feel a bit braver.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in - your time is appreciated.

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Buddy Guy? That is very cool!!! My son and I are jazz players (we are both drummers), but love the Blues.

Anyway, I am glad that things seem to be back to normal for you. I hope it stays that way.


The drummers are always the hardest to shoot. Why one of the two most important members of a band are always buried in the back is a shame. Even bass players get better exposure.

From a little while ago -

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nice – like it !

We’re always sitting down, and even if we are just behind a small jazz bop kit and a couple of stand mounted cymbals it can make it difficult to see us depending on the angle the photographer is at. Finally, in small ensembles on a small stage or directly on the floor of a venue.we’re further obscured by pianos, bassists and other musicians standing in front of us.

However, visibility when you’re playing in a 17 piece big band is another thing entirely. Stage left you’ll have five saxes with four trombones just behind them and four trumpets in the rear. Then you’ll have the piano to the extreme right with the guitar player sitting a little bit left of the piano player and the bass player behind the guitarist and between the piano and the drums and finally the drums themselves are usually on a riser between the bass player and and the horns. In that scenario pretty much everybody is visible. :smile:


Ah yes, a band. Otherwise known as a bunch of musicians and a drummer :rofl::crazy_face:

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Exactly. Drummers and bass players are some of my best friends.

Hmmm, I have some concerns about the company you keep.