The latest PL6 will not export "unknown processing error"

Do you have any Adobe programs running? I had a very similar problem until I terminated Adobe Lightroom Classic. Then I was able to export. I restarted Lightroom and the problem did not come back.
I am running DxO Photolab 6.1.1 Elite build 86. Adobe lightroom Classic version is 12.1

How was the show ? … I have tix to see him in Melbourne next month
… He sure is getting around … probably for the last time !

We have seen Buddy more times than I can count. We went many times to see him in Chicago at his club - Legends. His shows are always great. The basic flow of them is pretty consistent but the material varies all the time. He does a routine where he play the guitar with drum sticks and then a towel. He gave the towel to my wife this time. This has been billed as his Farewell tour.

We saw your guy a few weeks ago -

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