The best PC Windows configuration?

Hello everyone. Sorry the post is a little long.
My laptop who is over ten years old enough supports the latest version of Dxo Photolab 5.
Before you start looking for a configuration I would like your opinion when the choices of the components of a desktop PC that I will overall myself.
Why ? Well because I see that software and hardware is changing without stopping and with a fixed configuration (with a laptop) it is impossible to change a processor, the graphics card in particular!
First finding, the two essential elements that compose a machine need to focus on the capabilities of the processor or on the graphics card? In using DXO Photolab you can choose to leave the software telly or to force it to use the processor versus the graphics card or vis-versa. In my current case the ‘automatic’ solution raises up the temperature of the processor to vertices!
Second finding, if the price of processors remains (to some extent) reasonable, it is not the same of the graphics cards that goes up at rates that I do not understand! (Several thousand euros) …
Finally, me, who is no longer young, remember the drastic choice that had to be done in the 70s to choose a Hifi audio equipment! Every month new models came out with more attractive novelties than others. It seems that today we are in the same configurations for computer science, an Intel of tenth … eighteenth generation, ha but no there is the twelfth coming.
Not obvious all that does not?
What do you think ?
Thank you.

At the moment there are a shortage of a variety of microchips which has caused a general rise in PC parts. Graphics Cards also had the whammy of people buying them for Bitcoin mining (often, bulk lots too!). I built a PC just before Xmas and it took me over a month to get my hands on a card I could actually afford and that was at least future proof for a couple of years. It DOES make a significant difference when exporting images

@vidalv – to give you some ideas :slight_smile:

Years ago, I got a Lenovo W 520 – to serve me a long time as well to replace my ancient desktop. While this portable workstation is extraordinary serviceable (RAM, HD/SSD, Drive bay …), I can’t exchange the additional graphic card. With the fan always going full speed, I finally decided for a new custom built machine. – This big tower is serving me 4 years now and I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to get the very same with a new graphic card.
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With calculating, don’t forget a good monitor – your interface to the digital world.

BTW, I have no idea about Win11, but will keep my Win10 system running as long as possible!

I have, since last July, a PC under W10 with AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 16 GB RAM, GRAPHICS CARD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, SSD of 446 GB and hard disk of 2 TB.
PhotoLab4 and now PL5 are much faster than before. The speed with which DeepPRIME Denoising is executed is a pleasure (!) (curiously, PRIME takes longer to run - probably because the graphics card is not solicited, ), while HQ Denoising is done in 1 or 2 seconds.

I’m sure you’ll get no shortage of recommendations. IMO, any of the last two generations of multi-core CPUs are very good. Even older ones seem to hold up well - but I think it’s good to have one of the newer motherboards with modern features for external devices and the types of internal storage you would want to add. Last I checked, there’s still a great variety to choose from that haven’t gone up in price very much. For RAM, I think 32GB is good, with 16GB being a minimum. I suggest getting two sticks of dual-channel RAM that’s reasonably close to the fastest speeds your motherboard can handle.

As we know, video cards are outrageously expensive and scarce right now. I have an older card - a GeForce GTX 1060 with 3 GB onboard RAM. These days, it’s toward the minimum of what’s recommended for good performance with DeepPRIME or with DirectX 12 for example - but until I can get something better for a reasonable price, which might be two or three years from now, I’m very happy with it. It runs my most demanding apps, which are DxO software and Microsoft Flight Simulator, very well.

In my office is a video editing and archiving PC with something better - I think a 2080 Super - that isn’t being utilized by DaVinci Resolve like I thought it would be. It’s totally wasted on this rig right now. I’m so tempted to borrow it and see how much faster my computer would be with it - but I don’t want anything bad to happen to it! :grin:

Finally, I recommend Windows 10 over Windows 11 right now if you want accurate color for photo editing, etc. Not everyone’s having problems with Windows 11 color management, but there are some issues with it that aren’t fixed yet and for some reason aren’t on Microsoft’s list of known problems.

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Before you start looking for a configuration I would like your opinion when the choices of the components of a desktop PC that I will overall myself.

For DeepPrime the GPU is clearly more important than the CPU.
A somewhat recent 6 to 8C CPU is a good starting point. (Intel 10t Gen or AMD 3000 or even better 11th/12th Gen and AMD 5000)
On the GPU side it is rather easy…to be honest it must ideally be as powerful and recent as possible!

However if you really want the “best” configuration you need Highend or Enthusiast Parts for both CPU&GPU, since when looking into details the GPU can be held back a bit by the CPU and the other way round.
It’s in general even more demanding than modern AAA Games because those usually don’t stress the CPU nearly as much…but at least you can run DeepPrime unattended and don’t have to watch it doing its thing in Realtime.
Which might ease the considerations a bit or even more than just a bit. :wink:

I personally think the broad recommendations that apply to Gaming PCs in getting a “balanced HW Setup” for a given pricepoint also applies to PL4 and PL5.
aka “Don’t get a highend CPU with a lowend GPU and the other way round!”
…but still with some additional considerations like Storage, Memory, Display etc. which can be borrowed from more traditional recommendations for Rigs for Image Editing.

This makes it a bit different than most other Imaging Software and i think some ppl. might have to get used to this.