PL4 computer specs compared to PL3?


Can it help ?

I have bought s tower and it has sound proving that for me rsllyi works. Fans thst replaced the original ones and an oversized processer cooling. It might be worth looking for this sort of thing as the days of passive cooling have at present goner I fear. It amazed me how big the cooling devices were and how well they work, my laptop runns with more noise than the tower.

Dear @Man, dear @Lucas

the Palit GeForce GTX 1650 KalmX 4GB GDDR5 Grafikkarte passiv 2xDP/HDMI sounds very well, thank you for the help, but there is still one question left.
How can i be sure that this graphic card is supported for speeding up deep prime? Must I have a look for special tech specs, and if yes for which?
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I’ve got the answer from Svetlana in the post GTX 1650 compatibility with DeepPRIME
I think it doesn’t matter if an 1650 card is passive or active cooled

Maybe this information helps other members too

@Lucas Can I expect that all nvidia chiped cards between the 1050 in the specs and the 1650 I asked for are working?

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I expect them to just work yes. Just expect lower performance than with a fan cooled one.
The link posted by @Man shows ~15% lower working frequency. Also as the chip will run at 90°C instead of 65°C it may not last as many years. 90°C is really the maximum allowed temperature according to (in View Full Specs)

Left column is GTX 1650 with GDDR4 memory, right column is with GDDR5 memory.

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Yes, but even 4.0.2 is built with 1.3 DML, so users need to have 1903 or later build.
To enable earlier builds - need to use 1.4 (at least according to release notes: ) which is redistributable.
I just tested on LTSC release (technically 1809 build) and it does not work, when “normal” W10 build with exactly identical specs is in google table. In log i only see “DopCommon - Info | The GPU device NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 does not support machine learning.”, while the same setup works fine on later windows version.
So either rebuild with redistributable directml, or add limitations to release notes, that GPU acceleration on Deep Prime won’t work on earlier builds than 1903…

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I have updated W10 to version 20H2 and so far apart from the (undisclosed) step to manually “restart” the PC three extra times to settle a few glitchy W10 running issues…PL4 seems fine :slight_smile:

PS Though I had been using MS Edge, the 20H2 update seems to have affected its stability as in it freezes and is slightly slower to close down the multiple tabs I have open routinely.

Agreed. I just learned that users of Windows 8.1 are SOL re DeepPrime, which was pretty much my sole reason for purchasing the software license in the first place. And yes, I know nearly everyone hated Windows 8, but why should I be punished just because I’m one of the six people who liked it?

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I’m sure you are aware Windows 8/8.1 went out of support in 2018. Its under extended support until Jan 2023.

You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free using your W8 key. Why not upgrade?

You can enjoy all of PL4’s fantastic features. While the Metro Interface was greatly improved with 8.1, 10 has a fully customizable start menu with tiles, live view, better search and security.

If it were going to cost you something sure, but it appears you are holding yourself back and not having something you could own for free.

And then… GPU acceleration on Deep Prime (KaPOW!)

Windows 10 compatibility mode will run everything that windows 8.1 will now.

I hope you’ll consider it.

:rofl: Very funny !!

If it’s any help, I was reluctant to move to Win10 too (from Win7, in my case) - but having taken the plunge, I’ve not regretted the transition.

John M

Agree. Although, I’ve used them all since 3.1.

Millennium, Vista and 8 (before 8.1) were some of microsoft’s lows.

7 and 10 was and currently are favorites.

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Thanks for the replies. I may have misled a bit, I am running Windows 10 along with 8.1 in a dual boot config for reasons I won’t bore the group with. All my editing software functions with either OS so I can work in whichever environment I happen to be in—and I guess that’s technically true with PL4. I just won’t be doing a lot of DP exports while I’m in 8.1. :roll_eyes:

Hi Guenter, if your graphics card is still pending …

3 years ago, I got a big tower ( ) with i7-8700 + air cooler (Bequiet), Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (activ cooler), power adapter (Bequiet) … It just fits under my desk with space all around (cooling system not obstructed), is really quiet and works for me (no gamer, no overclocking, stable drivers). And even in hot summer, I don’t see temperature exceeding 60 / 70 celsius, otherwise far below.

The modell GTX 1060 is already outdated, but instead you can get GTX 1660 or GTX 1660 Super (2 slots, check size …, 120/125 W max).
Of course there are faster cards, but they consume more power and produce more heat (see comments from Lucas).
have fun, Wolfgang

I would not hesitate to buy again. When running, the noisiest component is a 8TB data grave, while OS and scratch disk are

Hi Wolfgang,

at the moment I don’t investigate the type of graphic card, and when I will look for a passive one, because my PC is noiseless at the moment, and I will keep this status.

But many thanks for sharing your hardware decision.



alles klar :slightly_smiling_face:


FWIW I have an nVidia GTX 1050Ti and so far with Photolab it seems all OK

I did have a look and one manufacturer has a passive cooled version here
::Palit Products - GeForce® 1050 Ti KalmX ::

I hope that helps and is still available should you need it when do have a look for a new GPU?

Have just bought the RX 5600 XT ITX GPU. Decided I would get the best my budget would allow. Just waiting for the Rizen 5 3600 motherboard bundle to be ready - hopefully collecting it tomorrow :slight_smile:

TBH there’s no need to force users to upgrade OS (for example, current W10 LTS branch is also unusable with DxO acceleration - and no upgrade path at this moment until 2021 Q4 at least) - just need to rebuild with DirectML 1.4 instead of older version.
As there are no changes in functionality/linking (according to documentation) - change is pretty much trivial from DxO side - and should allow users to use acceleration with W8, too…

At some point, all hardware/software, manufacturers/developers need to draw the line. They cannot test and certify support for their hardware / software indefinitely.

You have to maintain multiple testing environments. It costs money, in time and resources. All for what, to certify support on an aging EOL OS with dismally low market share in todays market. This is DxO, not Microsoft.

That costs money too. Time, resources. So where does it end? It ends with cutting certification for W8/8.1, and the handful of people who want or choose to use it (whatever the reason is), not rebuilding anything and and moving on. Its a business decision, not a penalty.

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W10 LTSB is not EOL’ed, far from that. 10 years in future TBH.
8.1 is not EOL, yet (not mainstream, but still).
And even MS tells that ONLY difference between 1.3 and 1.4 DirectML is redistributable package, so… Yeah, better build with old library version and refuse to upgrade, just because, you know, software development pipeline does not build software daily, just because this cost money :wink: