Getting the PCspec right

Trialling PureRAw and impressed. Problem is on my PC it takes 8 minutes a picture. Other PC issues so time for a new one. After doing some investigation, I am toying with the spec below. Is there anybody who could comment on whether this looks a good fit for Pure RAW. Anything that is under or over specd. Thanks in advance.

  • Case
  • MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R ARGB Mid Tower Gaming Case
  • Motherboard
  • MSI A520M-A PRO AMD A520 Chipset (Socket AM4) Micro-ATX Motherboard
  • Processor
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Six-Core Processor
  • CPU Cooling
  • AMD AM4 Wraith Stealth Cooler up to 65Watts - Ryzen Socket - No LED
  • Memory
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit
  • Graphics
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX1660 Super 6GB Graphics Card
  • M.2 Storage
  • 1 x WD Blue? SN550 1TB NVME PCI-e Gen 3 Solid State Drive (Read 2400MB/s | Write 1950MB/s) - Added
  • Hard Disk Storage
  • 1 x WD Black 2TB 64MB Cache Hard Disk Drive SATA 6 Gb/s 164MB/s 7200rpm - Added
  • PSU
  • Reign Approved ATX 500W Power Supply
  • Wireless Networking
  • TP-LINK TL-WN881N 300Mbps Wireless-N PCIe Adapter
  • Operating System
  • Windows 10 Home Advanced

Unit price £1076.98 inc

Sub total £1076.98 inc

I can comment on these components, Trevor;

The 500W power supply will give you plenty of options for powerful GPUs … but, it’s also gunna consume a lot of electricity = £s - - A 400W PSU is probably plenty enough, and will be more efficient.

I’ve just installed a Nvidia GeForce GTX1650 4GB Graphics Card - and it’s performing very nicely. PhotoLab is spitting out images processed with DeepPRIME at ~18secs per image (as average of batch of 3 exported images).

John M

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To accompany the fast M.2 NVMe (for OS and programs), maybe you check for reliable and less noisey / less hot 5.400 rpm WD Red NAS instead of WD Black with 7.200 rpm.

Aside M.2 NVMe, I use a 8 TB (partitioned) WD80EFZX internally and for backup WD20EFRX / WD40EFRX externally (ICY BOX IB-366Stu3+B). – To circumvent the external USB3-connection, when copying really big archives, the machine is equipped with ICY BOX IB-170SK-B to directly insert a 3.5" HD (exchange when system down!).

also check here PL4 computer specs compared to PL3? - #38 by Wolfgang

have fun, Wolfgang

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Will it necessarily be more efficient? It hasn’t been my experience that a higher-wattage PSU always consumes more electricity than a lower-wattage one. The wattage is a measurement of maximum load, not actual load. (I monitor actual power consumption of my computer using a UPS with voltage regulation and monitoring capabilities.)

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OK - I’ll cede to your experience on this, Greg … I was making an assumption.


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Thanks for the feedback. Salesman has just talked me into buying a 3060 graphics card so I should fly

Generally speaking, the output rating of a PS necessary for any system is determined by the draw of the individual components that make up the system., e.g., MOBO, CPU, GPU, SSD’s (HDD’s), USB Ports, etc., etc., and any and all other components that rely on the PS for their direct or indirect energy supply.

Each component consumes a stated & rated wattage. Add each of those together, and allow for overhead of additional hardware for future add-ins, and voila, that determines the required size of the power supply necessary for the system it is intended to power up. It is wise to invest in a PS that is consistent with the Energy Star qualification.

The link here gives a good amount of information to assist with the answers you may be seeking:

PSU Hierarchy 2022 [PC Power Supply Tier List] - GPU Mag

This may not be scientifically complete, but for most photographers perusing this site, of whom most are likely not engineers, (although sure, there may be a few) there ought to be enough information to make an informed choice.