Tethering into DXO PL

I’m a long time user…I did a (small) search and have not seen this requested.

Would love to tether the camera straight into PL… ( Sony camera)
Just to Set up a correct test shot, a quick edit to define the mood/scene, create a preset and have it apply to all incoming shots for that particular shoot.

Yes can use third party etc…but it would be the ultimate journey starter going straight to DXO PL

Is Tethering somewhere on the PL Roadmap?

Thank you

I’ve not seen this mentioned before, Ron - as a potential feature.
Reminder; you can vote for your own suggestion.

John M

Don’t forget that tethering requires, not only the ability to read files from a camera but, also, the ability to control the camera.

This involves extensive knowledge of the APIs provided by every camera manufacturer, for every model of the cameras that they produce.

This is no simple undertaking and would seriously distract the limited resources that DxO has from their strong point of superb image editing.

You can always use dedicated external tethering apps, which you can set to save their files to a folder that PL is open on. PL will monitor that folder and, when a new image is taken, PL will automatically update to show that new image.


Thanks John

Hi Joanna,
Thank you for the reply.
Yes, agree it looks a step too far at present.
However your suggestion of saving to a file open on PL is an awesome one.I’d not considered.doing while actually live tethered.
I’m not near my photo system at present so can’t immediatly try.

I will update you how i get on - may help others.

Thank you

Well @GonRough, of course that would be nice to have but you have a pretty nice tethering implemenration in Sonys free converter Imaging Edge - even wireless if you have some of the new cameras. I kept the Sony version of Capture One for a lot of years only for the tethering support but I have decided to not upgrade anymore.

Remember that Capture One which is the the most developed tethering tool I know once was built around that feature many years ago. I guess that’s why the name of it is just Capture One.

It might surprice you too that I find only one thing that I miss in Imaging Edge and that is the Focus Mask Tool that indicates where the focus lies in the image in CO. So try Imaging Edge. I don’t think you will get disappointed.

There are upsides too since you don’t need to configure any sessions like in CO before you can start if you like me work session oriented. Once you have configured the tethering in Imaging Edge (just one time) it’s just to start working.

Hi Stenis
Thank you for your generous reply I am investigating that process at present.
Thanks for the info.


Hi Joanna. (Tethering Update)
Set up a file for the Sony tethering app. Fed DXO into that with “Live View” ticked.
Ran a test …BINGO!!
Then, from a few test shots, designed a Preset to match - even linking into FilmPack within the PL Colour pallete. Saved it in preferences to apply as shots came in. ( This will need to be done for subsequent shoot sessions, different needs etc) and……It all worked. Switched to full screen and each shot that came in took seconds to appear and process. I have the RAWS on Memory card to do a full custom edit per shot after if I wish.
Thank you for the info earlier. I’m delighted.



Ron, I was delighted to hear that you found tethering in Imaging Edge useful. I started to use it for some work when DXO took four month to add support for my A7IV. Another good thing with Sony I E is the instant support for new Sony models.Just that fact and that IE is so good also as a converter despite it’s free might be a real competition for DXO. It’s also useful for culling in it’s Viewer module. It’s a little strange that it has been so neglected for so long and the wireless tethering is such a joy to use.

… but what do you mean by “Live View ticked” in DXO?

Maybe you can teach me something too when integrating Imaging Edge and Photolab :slight_smile:

In the user guide:
“The Live Review function automatically displays any new images added to a current folder from outside of DxO PhotoLab — that is, a folder you selected from the Source Browser navigation tree, and whose content is displayed in the Image Browser.
For example, if you drop new images in the folder in question with Windows Explorer (PC), they will automatically appear in the DxO PhotoLab Image Browser.
To activate Live Review, go to the View menu (Photo Library or Customize tab) and click Live Review.
A check mark indicates that the function is active; to disable it, click Live Review again.”

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Hi Stenis, apologies in the delay getting back to you.
However, Franky has explained it succunctly - thank you Franky

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Good tethering is not only “open a freshly shot image in a RAW editor” but also set-up and change settings remotely from the computer and even show the effect of presets or styles before the shutter ist released. Walking back and forth between computer and camera can be a real pain. And as you already could read, people like to keep PL a “RAW-editor” with no added capabilities.

However, it IS a huge bunch of work which has nothing to do with photo-editing and since DxO is not even up to date with recently released lenses, being up to date wit at least some camera bodies and their various firmware-updates is something even dedicated tethering apps struggle with.

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Thank you @Franky

I havn´t thought about this myself since Photo Mechanic integrates so well with Photolab not even having activated this function but it doesn´t hurt turning it on I think. When I select some images in PMPlus and use the function “Edit” (with Photolab) (after having configurating that integration properly) the selected images appeares in Photolabs “filmstrip” right away and even better - Photolab also stores an entry in PhotoLibrarys “External Selections” list. That list does however not seem to get updated when copying an image to an active folder.

Just tested it - lovely. Can´t get enough of integration can I :slight_smile:

Imaging Edge I think seems to have all communication I need between camera and computer. As I said, I think I just miss one single function (the focus map) when I compared it to the state of the art - Capture One. I was surprised how good it really is and for Sony-users it´s “free”. I dont feel I need this function in Photolab too and especially not after activating “Live View” in Photolab thanks to Franky. So Joachim, at least not the Sony-users have all that much to gain from a Photolab-function for tethering and I think Canon and Nikon too offers tethering tools for free for their users so why should DXO put any focus on that.

I think really you can use the external tethering of your choice and do the postprocessing in Photolab. One advantage using Sony-cameras with Imaging Edge though is that this software really use the camera settings metadata (including style sheets/presets in the camera the camera stored in EXIF but it would surprise me if Canon and Nikon didn´t offer the same features in their software. For example Lightroom and Camera RAW doesn´t (which dPreview enlighted me of in a vs study of Imaging Edge and Camera RAW) and I don´t think Photolab does it either but you can always take a while and make your own presets in Photolab if you wish but that is really a cake on top of another.

It’s not the first time I read good feedback about the Sony-app, @Stenis . And demosaïcing and remote controlling camera bodies are two entirely different worlds, DxO is competent in one, but for the second I also prefer manufacturer apps, as their developers are closer to the source and don’t need to reverse engineer the protocols. You mentioned Capture One and I have to say I don’t use tethering often enough to give feedback about it. It’s very much depending on camera brand and model, I think. And the use case of the photographer. Some studio or location settings allow taking a laptop, but for outdoor situations I’d favour an iPad and something like CamRanger which offers some added functionality like focus-stacking, extended time-lapses or even controlling a motorised (rather simple) 2-way tripod head for things like panorama-series.

Interestingly, nobody voted for that feature here :grin:

I’m late to the game here but many Sony cameras have FTP capability now. If you can setup an FTP server on your computer, the camera will immediately FTP shot images to the server. You can browse this server folder with DXO and the images will import as you shoot.

It works great for me. Not really a tethering application, but you can shoot with the camera freely and images show up in PL within seconds….

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Not sure if anyone checks this thread anymore, but I just downloaded DXO and am switching from capture one and lightroom, so far I love it. The one thing it is missing is tethering, but I like this workaround, I can also tether wirelessly with my sony a7riii. But in the new version, I can not find live review? the photos load in a strip at the bottom of the screen but do not pop up full screen as loaded. where am I missing this? I have looked where previously mentioned under customize and under view menu.


True tethering involves the app being able to control the camera and would require intimate knowledge of the camera. This would involve a great deal of work and expense, which hardly seems worth it when there are already tethering solutions available, usually from the camera manufacturer themselves.

I am on a Mac and can’t find this either. Perhaps it is a Windows only feature?

Please make shooting tethered possible including canon 5d mark ii

As has been said before, it simply isn’t necessary as any images added to a selected folder will automatically appear.

Tethering apps are not simple and require intimate knowledge of the cameras they control. I wouldn’t expect DxO to take on such a mammoth task when their forte is photo-editing.